Shocking Case of Dead Baby Found in Coles Bag to be Investigated Next Year

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Shocking Case of Dead Baby Found in Coles Bag to be Investigated Next Year
A Shocking Case of Dead Baby found in Coles Bag to be Investigated Next Year

The heart breaking case of a new born baby girl found dead in a Coles bag will be probed in a coronial inquest next year.

The baby found inside a blood soaked plastic Coles bag in the backyard of a Melbourne suburb was found to be the child of a woman who claimed she did not know she was pregnant.

The baby’s mother is an Indian national on a student visa, when inquested regarding the same, she was reportedly “surprised” to find out she had given birth.

It has been reported that, on 28 May 2021, the woman purchased laxative medication from a Cranbourne North pharmacy after complaining of constipation and abdominal pain for a few days.

Two days later, still in considerable pain, the woman went to the bathroom of her Clyde North share house and “passed a volume of blood”. She called out to her boyfriend to bring her a plastic bag to put her soiled clothes into.

He brought her a plastic Coles bag and she put her dirty clothes inside before running a bath to wash the blood off herself.

She felt “weak” and so laid down for a while after the bath before cleaning the bathroom and disposing of the Coles plastic bag. However, she does not remember where she disposed the plastic bag.

A housemate came home from work about 4pm that afternoon and concerned for her health said she should go to the hospital.

When the medical staff was inquired, they said that the mother “appeared surprised” when they told her she was fully dilated and appeared to have just given birth.

She underwent surgery to remove the placenta and authorities were notified. However, when police and ambulance attended the woman’s home just after midnight on May 31, they could not find a baby.

The next morning about 11.30am, the woman’s neighbour contacted police having found the Coles bag in their backyard. Inside the bag was the newborn, referred to as Baby K, along with 600ml of blood, blood-soaked slippers, sanitary pads and toilet roll.

An autopsy was conducted on the Baby K, by forensic pathologist Dr Heinrich Bouwer, who found the baby’s gestational age was likely around 37 to 38 weeks.

While it was not possible to determine with a high degree of certainty if Baby K was born alive or deceased, the findings of aerated lungs and gastric gas were highly suggestive of a live birth. It also appeared that there were no efforts to resuscitate the newborn.

A DNA test was conducted as a part of the investigation which revealed that Baby K was the biological child of the woman and her previous partner. The woman, her current partner and her housemates denied any knowledge of her being pregnant during police interviews.

Coroner Katherine Lorenz was satisfied that the baby was alive at birth and will investigate whether homicide was the cause of the baby’s death.

She told, “There is still an open question as to the circumstances in which Baby K died and came to be discovered in a plastic shopping bag in the yard of a residential property”.

There were no poisons found inside Baby K and no evidence of physical trauma. Till now no charges has been laid. Hence, a five-day inquest will be conducted in June 2023 regarding the case.

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