COVID-19 crisis in India: Petty criminals on the rise in streets

COVID-19 crisis in India: Petty criminals on the rise in streets

COVID-19 crisis in India in the second wave is proving to be critical for the country. The infections are rising at a rapid rate which has meant that the Indian medical system has crumbled.

The infections are rising, the death rate is fatal, the shortage of hospital beds, oxygen in hospitals, etc. is leading India to yet another lockdown in the country. The previous lockdown had meant that the Indian economy went down and will continue to do so in this second Corona wave.

The third mutant strain of Covid-19 has been discovered in India and according to the scientists, it can be more deadly than the previous ones. The mortality rate in this second wave is targeting the younger adults as well while the previous one was affecting more to the sick, old and the young children.

The situation was well under control after the lockdown but suddenly this year the cases went surging high due to unnecessary travelling of public, political rallies, etc. Madras High Court even slammed Election commission for being irresponsible of maintaining COVID-19 norms during the rallies.

Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee on April 26th said that “The election commission is alone responsible for the second wave of coronavirus in India and thus should be booked for murder charges. Public health is of paramount importance and it is distressing to remind the constitutional authorities of it. The situation now is of survival and protection. Everything else comes next.

According to the researchers at Michigan university, “India will see the peak of deaths in mid-May with death nearing 4500 per day and 8-9 lakh cases everyday.

India reported 3,54,653 cases yesterday and half of the COVID-19 cases in the world are now from India.

Even though the people of India are being vaccinated, the vaccinated adults are still being infected by Corona. According to the doctors, vaccinated people have a low risk of death even though found to be Covid-19 positive.

At this hour of need, many people have come forward with different ways to help the sick by either donating plasma, or providing oxygen cylinders, etc. But some have also found some ways in this COVID-19 crisis to earn money due to their criminal minds.

In the last year’s COVID-19 crisis in India, doctors were accused of terming the patients Corona positive even though they were not and also for removing body organs from the patient’s body.

The second wave hasn’t proved somewhat different for criminals. They have been doing the bad work and will continue doing so.

Some petty crimes to look at during COVID-19 crisis in India

As the cases of corona have surged, there has been a shortage in the supply of Remdesivir injections which are being used for the treatment of Covid-19 patients. The black market is opened for illegal trafficking of injections, medicines, vaccines, body organs, negligence by hospitals, doctors, etc.

Petty crimes amid COVID-19 crisis in India

Remdesivir injection in black market

  • On Saturday, Delhi police curbed the black market when they captured 4 accused of selling Remdesivir injections illegally. All the 4 accused arrested were part of different gangs and about 80 vials of the injections have been nabbed from them.
  • Two ward boys at Subharti Medical college in Meerut have been nabbed by the police for selling the Remdesivir injections at 25,00 per vial. The vials were for the admitted patients but the ward boys gave distilled water vials to the admitted patients instead of injections. They were captured by an undercover team of cops.
  • 4 accused including 2 doctors in the Thakurganj area of Lucknow near Era Medical college were nabbed by the police along with 34 vials of Remdesivir injections and 4.9 lakh rupees after a tip-off of black marketing in the area.
  • Rachit Ghai was arrested in Noida with 100 vials who were busted by the Noida police while nabbing the black marketing ring in Noida. The injections were being sold at 40,000 per vial.

Selling Fake Sanitizer

As the COVID-19 crisis in India has become critical the use of sanitizers have also become essential. The sale of sanitizers has increased rapidly. Many businesses has surged with sanitizer. Fake sanitizers also came in the market as many people targeted to earn money.

Nitin Kotwani was arrested for selling fake sanitizers to 2 shops. at Vasna road worth Rs. 10 Lakh. It has been reported that Nitin earned 10 crore rupees with this business in 10 months. The fake sanitizers are harmful to human health and so the police are tracking the sold sanitizers.

Police is also trying to catch the suppliers who provided Methanol to Nitin in such huge amounts.

Promise for COVID beds

As the cases have risen, the demand of Oxygen beds for COVID-19 patients have increased and there is a shortage of them in the whole country. The shortage has also become a way for different persons to earn money.

Few days ago, a video of a person in Rajkot civil hospital went viral in which he was heard for asking 9,000 rupees to a patient’s attendant to get a hospital bed. Police have identified the accused as Jagdish Solanki (hospital attendant) and Hitesh (sweeper).

Police have said that the people are using the loopholes in the system to use it illegally for their own benefits.

Negligence of doctors towards Corona patients

  • An FIR has been lodged against Kanpur’s Naraina medical college’s manager, staff, and doctors for alleged negligence against the COVID-19 positive Judge. The FIR was lodged by the Chief medical officer of Kanpur Amit Mishra who was accompanying the judge.
  • A patient’s attendants accused the doctors at Gardi medical college of Ujjain of removing body organs from the body of the deceased. The kin of the patient accused them after they saw the blood on the body bag of the patient and attacked the doctors and then the police too were seen attacking the doctors in the video which went viral. The doctors accused police of misconduct while the police accused doctors of assaulting a police constable with an Iron rod.

Thief apologized for stealing

Amidst COVID-19 crisis in India, a letter went viral on social media in which a thief asks for sorry after stealing the vaccine doses from the hospital.

Reportedly, on 22nd April, a thief ran away from a hospital in Jind, Haryana after stealing 1700 doses of Corona vaccine. At around 12:30 pm he returned the doses to a tea shop outside the police station with a sorry note as he didn’t knew the doses were for Corona patients.

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