When a person tries to change his handwriting, he attempts to produce a concord that they are unfamiliar with. He might do this because he doesn’t want to recognise being the writer of a questioned document. This article will know the common characteristics of disguised handwriting when an individual tries to disguise his Writing.  

The handwriting of an individual consists of unique characters that give handwriting individuality. To hide them, a person tries to write differently, i.e. he tries to disguise his handwriting by increasing or decreasing the size of the letters, writing fast or slow, exaggerating the slant of the Writing, unnecessary embellishments or flourishes, etc. We will study each characteristic one by one.

Along with the study of the common characteristics of disguised handwriting, we will tell you the circumstances or the purposes where one tries to disguise his handwriting.

Characteristics of Disguised Handwriting

  1. Letter SizeWhen a person tries to disguise his handwriting, he will either increase the size of letters or decrease it while writing. He does this so that his original characteristics of handwriting won’t be revealed.
  2. SpeedThe writer, to disguise his Writing, will write at a speed opposite to his original characteristics. If his writing speed is fast, he will pretend to be slow by writing slowly and vice versa.
  3. SlantSlant is the direction of letters while writing. It can be either to the right, straight, or to the left. If the writer’s original slant is straight, he will definitely try to overstress his writing slant either to the right or to the left.
  4. Off-Hand WritingAn ambidextrous person might go for the trick of off-hand Writing to disguise his handwriting. Off-hand Writing changes the complete characteristics of an individual’s handwriting that he does not need to concentrate on other handwriting features.
  5. Flourishers and Embellishment If the questioned document does not contain any flourishers or Embellishment, the writer knowingly will try to add some fancy loops or strokes extension to disguise the handwriting and vice versa.
  6. Pen PressureThe most important feature to add the characteristics of disguised handwriting is pen pressure. The writer of the questioned document always goes for the opposite feature choice to disguise his Writing. Suppose the questioned document does not have much pen pressure. In that case, the writer knowingly will write with high pressure that causes indentation on the papers kept underneath the writing paper and vice versa.
  7. Cursive and Printing style If there are connecting strokes between the letters, the Writing is considered cursive. Writing with more intra-letter spacing and fewer connecting strokes is deemed to be printed Writing. The writer knows the style of writing he/she opted for while writing the questioned document. To disguise the handwriting, the person will choose the opposite style of Writing.
  8. Spelling and grammar errorsThe writer is known about the handwriting characteristics present on the questioned document. The intent of disguise will make him go opposite for the writing characteristics. If he has not made any spelling or grammar errors in the questioned document intentionally, he will commit while giving his standard Writing and vice versa.
  9. Pen liftsTo add characteristics of disguised handwriting, the writer will purposely lift the writing instrument to cause pen lifts at unusual places or avoid en lifts and write continuously by adding connecting stroke between the letters depending upon the characteristic features of the questioned document.

Purpose of Disguised Handwriting

If the questioned document belongs to a crime scene, the possible suspects’ standard Writing is taken. If among the list of the suspect, one is the actual perpetrator, either he will deny to give his standard Writing or purposefully will show characteristics of disguised handwriting in the standard samples to save himself from getting caught by adding on all the characteristics mentioned above.       


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