A Child-Trafficking Racket Busted in Uttar Pradesh

A Child-Trafficking Racket Busted in Uttar Pradesh

Child-trafficking is a child based heinous crime which has spread its roots so deep all over the world. In India every year 40,000 children are abducted, according to the reports of National Human Rights Commission of India.

On 31st August 2022, a child-trafficking racket has been busted in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh by the UP police. The abduction of a 7-months-old boy had lifted the lid off a thriving child-trafficking racket. The incident has led to the arrest of 8 people, which included a BJP leader and two doctors.

The 7-months-old boy Sanjai was sleeping with his mother Radha, on the platform at Mathura Railway Junction on 24 August, when he was abducted. The whole incident, when the boy was stealthily picked up by a man, had been recorded by the CCTV camera installed at the platform.

Taking the CCTV footage as the main evidence the police started the search for the baby. The baby boy was found 100 kilometers away from Mathura in Firozabad on 29 August 2022, at the house of a BJP corporator Vinita Agrawal. The investigation has revealed that Vinita Agrawal (49 years old) and her husband Krishna Murari (51 years old) allegedly bought the baby for Rs. 1.8 Lakhs from the traffickers. 

The couple has a 12 years old daughter and wanted a boy for their family, so they bought the child. However they told the police that they were not aware of the fact that the baby was stolen.

The police have identified the trafficking racket headed by a doctor couple from Hathras, UP. The man who abducted the child, Deep Kumar, was associated with a gang that includes two doctors who ran a hospital in neighboring Hathras district. The hospital dealt in selling children they would kidnap or infants that unwed girls would drop off.

The doctors Prem Behari (38 years) and his wife Dayawati (38 years), used their medical facility Bankey Behari Hospital at Hathras as a front for this illegal act. They were arrested along with their four associates – Deep Kumar (40 years), Poonam (43 years), Manjeet (43 years) and Vimlesh (38 years). 

The Superintendent of Police (SP) for Government Railway Police (GRP), Mohammad Mushtaq, said: “The child was sleeping with his mother, a complainant in this case, on the platform. A case was registered at GRP Mathura under section 363 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for kidnapping”.

He also added that the CCTV footage helped in tracing the abductor which led to the arrest of the culprits. He said “Deep Kumar was seen travelling in a roadways bus and the conductor identified him and he was arrested. This opened the case and doctors were traced leading to clues on the whereabouts of the child”.

The police revealed that the deal was negotiated in Rs.1.8 Lakhs and an amount of 85,000 has been recovered from those arrested.

The SP said the doctor couple confessed to running an organised gang involved in the theft and selling of children. These children were abducted from railway platforms and bus stands and sold to childless couples.

Charges related to trafficking have been filed against the 8 people and further investigation is going on to find other wider connections involved in abduction and trafficking of children.

Meanwhile, Sanjai was handed over to his mother the same day he was rescued.

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