Crime is any act that has an effect on society as a whole causing disturbance and panic in the society. Different factors play a role for individuals to commit offenses. Appropriate laws have been made by the governments and the criminal justice system of different countries.

Even though these are shameful acts and are punishable, different countries have observed an increase in the crime rate in the past few years. Governments have been trying hard by amending the laws to punish offenders, yet every single day observes a surge from the previous day.

Here, in this article, we will discuss the possible reasons for such offenses in India in the 21st century which could be due to political influence, lack of education, self-interest, religious violence, terrorism, etc.

Possible causes for increase in crime rate in India

Some of the common offenses committed in India include Crimes against Women, kids, homicide, religious violence, serial offenses, abduction, robbery, politically influence, Fraud, human trafficking, etc. and the causes for the same include:

1. Illiteracy

Lack of education or Illiteracy is the most common reason for the surge in offenses. Although, educated people are not sin-free yet illiteracy tends to lead the youth towards such paths.

Lack of educational knowledge, values, and ethics doesn’t help in getting jobs, therefore leading them to such paths for easy money to meet their needs. Youth needs to be given proper skillful knowledge to build their resume stronger so that they can survive in society without any need to commit such crimes.

Illiteracy doesn’t only tend people to commit such acts rather leave them uneducated towards their basic rights and needs.

2. Poverty

Lack of Education leads to unemployment which in turn leads to Poverty. Poverty is truly evil to society as it gives rise to a large number of problems. Without being able to earn even a meal for themselves or the family, an individual is focused on evil ways.

It may not be the sole reason, however, leads the youth towards such paths which has a harsh future for them as well as society.

3. Ineffective Law and justice system

There is no doubt that there have been placed appropriate laws to punish criminals based on their nature of the crime. However, due to ineffectiveness, it often tends people to be fearless. It is not applicable in all situations, however, is applicable in certain circumstances.

Without being able to prove the offense of the offender, police have let down society. Without the proper order of investigation, being late at the start of an investigation, late in filing a report due to insecurity are some of the common ways that tend them to be fearless of the court.

4. Intoxication

Alcohol and drugs are dangerous as they can create panic and chaos in society when an individual is utterly out of control after intoxication. Alcohol and drugs have an impact on different parts of the body particularly on the mind such that the person is not in utter control of his/her actions.

Data has shown that a person has much more tendency to commit a crime under the influence of drugs/alcohol. Domestic violence, sexual assaults, fights, etc. are more likely to happen when an individual is under its influence.

5. Childhood Care

How a child has gone through his childhood or teenage has an impact on his/her future. When a child lives in foster homes or has both working parents, one of the parents is less-caring, has been bullied by his/her mates, etc. These situations may lead him to be much more aggressive or angrier in his adulthood and have a tendency to commit crimes to overcome his fear or anger.

As Indian society is also negative towards psychiatrist treatment, these children without any guidance are more likely to lead different path rather than being a sophisticated person.

Causes of crime

6. Internet 

The Internet has shaped our future in a very positive manner. However, it can also be a disguise for many of us as many cybercriminals are active nowadays to get away to get through the security of the individuals for their benefits.

Cybercrimes include Phishing, Stalking, Hacking, Child pornography, inciting terrorism, etc. With the increase in the use of internet users every day, the rate of increase in offenses has increased significantly and will increase in the coming years.

Hackers around the world have been up to something every day where many people suffer economically or mentally through their acts.

7. Television

It is obvious that any act seen in a video is quite easy to remember than reading any books. Therefore, Tv plays an important role in the making of a person. An individual sees something in movies or shows tries to forge it.

Study reveals that watching action, fights tend to make a child more aggressive and angrier all time while watching romantic movies or drama may transform him/her towards more such acts because a child or a teenager tries to copy their role models.

8. Family condition

Family conditions have a very drastic effect on any child. A well-functioning family has positive as well as negative effects on an individual. Most of the young individuals who have been arrested have revealed that they ought to commit such offenses to meet amends for their families.

As the economic needs of every individual are increasing day-by-day, and without the resources to meet such needs, the individuals commit crimes. Economic needs are not only the factor, the care of nature of a family also has an effect on an individual.

In families where fights occur or the environment is not suitable for children or teenagers, all the individuals of the family are more inclined towards committing crimes due to their rage, indiscipline, and behavior.

9. Religious aggression

India is a secular country and therefore, every religion is respected as well as live among each other peacefully. However, due to some circumstances or speeches, hatred is spread by some people causing violence among different religious people.

In the past, many such occasions have been observed. Although, no particular religion can be targeted, for particular violence. The agenda towards such violence could be beneficial for political reasons, the superiority of a religion, person, etc. over others.

Individuals affected in the past by such acts of violence or who have been brainwashed to hate others tend to participate aggressively in such acts. These are disturbing for societies, the country as well as every citizen of the country.

10. Political aggression

Political violence has been observed in the past where even a word or a speech could help in arising violence in a particular region, one among such incidents include the Delhi riots of 2019, where the speeches of politicians poured oil in flames.

The societies or religions are divided in this country where even a small spark could prove to be disastrous for the country as well as its citizens.

11. Society

Society plays an important role after a family in nourishing a child’s future. In this modern era, where money is valued over relationships, it is of utmost importance for individuals to meet the high demands of society.

In a society where everyone wants to earn money, even schools and universities teach about earning rather than learning, the society is moving towards a dark phase. In order to achieve wealth and meet the high demands of society rather than our own, we devalue the relationships, and most importantly our values.

We start comparing richer with ourselves, rather than making ourselves better than what we are at present we involve ourselves in competition with others. These are the ways society is moving forward today and will have an impact on the crime stats of the society.

When rich flaunt their money, the poor get compelled to earn more and thus, turns towards two ways, Either he/she chooses a path of hard-work or easy money by committing thefts, frauds, murders, etc. contributing to the crime rate of the country.

In some cases, society plays a negative role against some individuals where they may target an individual unintentionally or intentionally based on racism, caste, nature, etc. which may prove vital of that individual’s behavior towards the whole society.

12. Psychological Behaviour

Psychological behavior or mental illness is a situation in which a person is not in control of his senses completely or is different than normal individuals. They may or may not be aware of right or wrong acts. In some cases, they are sensitive while some turn out to be violent.

According to law, such criminals are not punishable as they were not in control rather they are taken care of in different facilities especially made for them. They cannot be categorized as we may not know when they may turn violent. They must be treated with care.


We must remain away from crimes and must try to avoid them. However, we must turn forward in any case where justice must be served to a victim of a crime. In many cases, we may not be aware or not responsible for crimes against us yet we must always be careful and aware of any such acts.


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