Graphology: Handwriting Analysis for Personality Determination

Graphology is the study of handwriting and the person who is an expert in this are called Graphologists. Graphology is the analysis of the physical characteristics of a person’s handwriting or signature and determines their personality characteristics, character, or state of the person’s mind at the time of writing. A person’s handwriting is something that comes from the person’s subconscious mind so the information derived from the handwriting is true and real. Handwriting has been empirically through thousands of samples as being absolutely indicative as to what the personality is, so handwriting or a signature of an individual can tell about the individual’s personality, thinking, and behavior. Graphology helps a lot in forensic science. For example- If a suicide note is found at the crime scene, to an extend graphologists can determine in what state of mind the person was in when he/she was writing that suicide note and also […]

Here’s the Reason Why Documents Information is Important

Do you know you are always a target of someone unless you realise. There are thousands of people out there looking for small opportunities to grab whether their move is illegal or legal. As you must know that most of our work is now digital yet being a developing country the age of documents (in other words- offline work) hasn’t ended. To protect ourselves we must be aware of such frauds which are not possible without some knowledge or information regarding the piece of document. Every fraudster is looking for a small mistake to use your information for their own benefit. Since the earliest of ages documents are forged for the purpose of fraudster’s benefit. For example change in seals, signature, alteration in writing/content of a document, etc. Titus and Anthony were the most famous and skilled forgers of Rome in the 6th century when the first case of questioned […]

Forgery- A Crime || Types of Forgery || IPC Sections of Forgery

Document related crimes are the common types of crimes in which the criminals try to change the documents for their benefit. One of the common kind of crime committed is Forgery which also comes under white-collar crimes. White-collar crimes refer to those crimes which are done for financial gain, mostly done by businesses and government officials until discovered. Forgery is a very common crime in any country and if caught is punished by the court of law. Introduction to Forgery A Forgery is a criminal act in which a person tries to alter or falsify a document by changing the content or genuine signatures which are done with a motive of deceiving another person’s entity or identity. However, photocopies and replicas are not considered under Forgery, except, if any alteration is done in any of those documents. Forged currency is common and it is termed as counterfeiting and the intent […]

Questioned Document Examination and its History || Role of a Document Examiner || 1932 Lindbergh Case

Document examination is a branch of Forensic science which deals with the examination of documents which are disputed in the court of law. Forensic Document examiners are assigned the duty to apply different techniques and methods to check the authenticity of the questioned document. The field of Document examination is very wide and important as the criminals come up with new ideas to commit document-related crimes. The crime rate has gone up and the lack of research in this field has led to the successful violation of rules in these crimes. Document A document can be defined as anything which can record the information or an event to save it for later. Usually, documents are written but they also include pictures, sounds, paintings, etc. using any instrument such as a pen, paper, stone, colour, ink, wood, etc. Examples of a document are usually done in white-collar crimes include diaries, identification […]