History and Development of Forensic Science in India

Forensic science is the application of scientific knowledge to aid in the administration of justice. “Forensics” is derived from the Latin word “forensis” which means ‘Forum’ or ‘gathering of people’. In modern words, Forensics can be described as the legal proceedings in the court of law shaped in the form of evidence. Forensic scientist analyzes and interprets the evidence for justice for the victim. Forensic science embraces most branches of science and is applied for the purpose of the law. Forensic science comprises of basic scientific disciplines such as physics, chemistry, and biology and their derived subjects such as medicine, anthropology, toxicology, serology, odontology, etc.  In addition to all these subjects, there are additional branches that have been developed exclusively for forensic applications. They are Ballistics, Fingerprints, Document examinations, Voice analysis, Psychology, Narco analysis, DNA profiling, Forensic engineering, etc. which also have got many applications in forensic sciences. Forensic science […]