What is a Simple Microscope? Applications of Simple Microscope

A microscope is a laboratory instrument that is used to see an enlarged image of a small object which reveals the microscopic properties of that object which are not possible to see with the naked eye. The most common type of microscope is the Optical microscope also known as the Light microscope which uses the light focused through the lenses on the object to form an enlarged image. An optical microscope can be classified into two i.e., a Simple microscope and a Compound microscope. Other types of microscopes used are Polarized microscopes, Electron microscopes, Fluorescence microscopes, Stereo-microscope, etc. What is a Simple Microscope? A simple microscope is similar to a magnifying glass that uses a double convex lens to form an erect and enlarged image of an object when placed within its focal length. The image formed is virtual which means that the formed image cannot be projected on a […]