9 Best Mystery Books Every Forensic Student Must Read

The forensic investigation of a crime in reel-life is a treat to watch the strategies, approaches, and techniques used by the investigators to link every minute of evidence with the suspect and victim. There are a lot of criminal mystery books available in the market nowadays with some best stories. Forget about TV series, movies on crime thrillers, a book can have a significant effect on the mindset of the people. Along with the several benefits of reading books, it will also enhance your imagination, creativity, and attentiveness. There are fantastic characters in the books and the excitement to reach the end of the story, page-by-page is a treat to read. Virtual investigations are not as exciting as these. Some of the best mystery books for forensic students are: These mystery books have a thriller story to shake you from the inside and create an intense environment around you while […]

Top 6 Digital Forensic Books for Students of Cyber Forensics

Digital Forensics is a growing field in India and has an ever-increasing demand in the market due to the ever-increasing crime rate in the country. To become a Digital forensic expert, one must learn the basics of Computers from these 6 digital forensic books that share an ample amount of knowledge for beginners and students of Cyber forensics. In this modern world, everyone is using the internet and the rate of cybercrime has surged in the last decade or so which has meant there is a rise in the demand of cyber experts to prevent them. Therefore, it is important for aspiring candidates to learn Digital forensics from the scratch. The purpose of this article is to list 6 digital forensic books for students who wish to stand their careers in this field. The digital forensic books listed down give you a brief idea as to how forensic experts integrate […]

Top 10 Books Suggestion for Students of Forensic Sciences

There is a wide variety of Forensic Science books, it depends upon the degree you are pursuing be it bachelors or masters or research. For the core subject, we personally suggest Indian authors like B.R. Sharma, Dr. (Mrs.) Rukmani Krishnamurthy, Dr. Anil Aggarwal, Gurdeep Chatwal, Modi, and Foreign authors like Saferstein, and Osborn. However, for decreasing your confusion and making it easy for you, we have listed some of the best books for the students. Top 10 Forensic Science Books for Reference 1. Introduction to Forensic Science in Crime Investigation This book was written by Rukmani Krishnamurthy and published in 2015. This book deals with detailed topics of forensic. The topics of discussion are Crime, Crime Scenes, Crime Scenes in Natural Disasters, people involved in Investigation, Crime Scene Management, First Responding Officers, Protection of the Crime Scene, Reconstruction of the Crime scene, Scientific Survey, and Documentation of Crime Scene, Physical […]