Country Made Firearms: A Case Study on Illegal Guns Market

Improvised Firearms or Homemade firearms or country-made firearms are those firearms which are created illegally by the local blacksmiths or manufacturers using available materials such as iron pipes, vehicle steering pipes, etc. The characteristics of an improvised firearm such as the size and shape of a barrel, calibre of firearm, etc. depend upon the availability of instruments. The mechanism of an Improvised firearm varies from every firearm which is most effective only at short range due to ineffective manufacturing of firearm. Improvised firearms remain effective at short range due to incomplete combustion of propellants which varies from shot-to-shot. The wounding effect of these improvised firearms is nearly unpredictable.   Country-made firearms in India Ever since the world was introduced with ammunition and firearms, the world has experienced bloodshed of humans. From small arms to nuclear weapons, all have been used in the past century. Even though nuclear weapons create havoc and […]