How To Mine Dogecoin? Step by Step on Any PC

Cryptocurrency is the trending topic of these days apart from COVID-19. The bullish market of the crypto and the introduction of Dogecoin by Elon Musk to his space project has made it famous among the general population and many people have invested in it lately without proper research and knowledge. To invest in any currency, a basic idea and knowledge is required. Nowadays, many people follow blindly to the advice of others and same is happening in Crypto market where investors are investing without any prior knowledge or research. So, have accumulated some data today for every one about Dogecoin. Cryptocurrency is the new form of digital money or asset which is operated by Blockchain technology. It works as a medium of exchange wherein individual coin ownership records are stored in a ledger & that technology is Blockchain. Dogecoin is also the type of cryptocurrency which was created for payment system […]

Data Breach Incident Management

Data or information of any type, stored by any means is important to a company and it has a colossal role in the reputation of a company. Data Breaches in the past are known to have caused financial losses to big corporations. Around 450 million Dollars are threatened every year just to cybersecurity breaches. Direct and Indirect losses Both chip in equally towards the damages bore by the company. Crisis Management A data breach is considered a crisis because of the large losses incurred by the organization and the repercussions of the same. Previous researches on the matter have emphasized on protecting the repute of the organization, which is important for their sustenance. Situational Crisis Communication Theory (SCCT) It is one of the common management technique used. This was introduced by Coombs in 2007. He tried to explain it based on the three primary Responses: Denial, Diminish, and Rebuild. Along […]

Is WhatsApp Safe Anymore? | Privacy Policy Update of Whatsapp in 2021

The new privacy policy update of WhatsApp has created a lot of controversies around data privacy. Numerous questions are being raised regarding their privacy and security. How will the new privacy policy change the way WhatsApp uses our data with it’s Parent Company Facebook? Is it a cause of concern? And most importantly are we going to stop using it and migrate to any other App? So, WhatsApp responded to these queries from their users related to End-to-end Encryption. They highlighted that the policy update will not affect the privacy of any user’s messages that they send or share with their friends or family. WhatsApp has now issued a F.A.Q.(Frequently Asked Questions) and even an infographic to explain that the platform still protects and secures user’s private messages despite the new privacy policy that users must accept. Is WhatsApp Safe? WhatsApp cannot see your private messages(Non-Business Accounts) or hear your […]

Wireshark: A Network Forensic Tool

Everything nowadays is connected to many things through different modes and the internet remains the primary mode of connection, and when something is connected to the internet or any network for that matter there is always a mutual exchange of data. You can send anything to anyone over the internet for example – email, picture, text, etc. Even though these data is accessed as a whole at both the source and the destination but this data is not sent across the internet as a whole, these are sent separately as different characters or as small packages known as packets, these packets when received at the destination is reassembled in the form of your originally intended message and because there would exchange of a large number of packets via the network there would resulting traffic and this is known as Network Traffic. This network traffic analysis would give us a number […]

Brute Force Attack and Its Affects on Financial Industry

A brute force attack is a cryptographic method that relies on the hit and trial method owner aimed password until the password is discovered. It is mainly used to obtain personal information such as passwords, passphrases, usernames, and personal identification numbers and use a script, hacking apps or the same kind of methods to pull out the string of continuous attempts to get the information required. This method is time-consuming, difficult to perform if methods such as data obfuscation are used at a time downright impossible. It will be more difficult with the longer password because more combinations will be required to test but it will be easier to discover the password when it is weak. It is a very old method used by hackers but it’s still effective and popular. Goals of hackers from brute force attack Collecting activity data or profiling from ads Stealing personal data and valuables […]

Baba ka Dhaba v/s Gaurav Wasan | Digital scam or not???

As we come to an end of the decade and probably the worst year, new headlines arise every day, the latest being the controversy of newly famous Baba ka Dhaba v/s the Youtuber Gaurav Wasan. The controversy has reached the verge of a police complaint being filed by the owner of Baba ka Dhaba against the Youtuber alleging misappropriation of donations.   Let’s roll to the past On 6th October 2020 a food Blogger/Youtuber Gaurav Wasan officially known as “Swad Official” on Social Media Platform, Spotted the old couple in Malviya Nagar struggling to Sell their Dhaba’s Food and barely earning their living during Post-Lockdown. He decided to make a video of the couple working hard to earn their living and soon the video caught the eyes of everyone going viral in no time with around 35 lakh views on Youtube in which he asked everyone to help them in […]

Digital Forensics and Artificial Intelligence

Digital Forensics is on the verge of revolutionary changes which might change the way we look at this industry. One of the crucial changes is Automation. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, investigators are now able to flag contents in an investigation instantly. Investigators nowadays are using different algorithms and automation tools to evaluate the massive amount of data which otherwise take much longer time to process.       But the real question that arises is whether the task of Digital Forensics Investigator can be automated concerning the importance of the job? Artificial Intelligence  algorithms helps to identify and flag certain elements and data inside images, videos by observing common traits in location, time and then gives investigator an estimated data about time and location of the next crime. These technologies have been much helpful in maintaining the workload in Forensics labs. The cases are increasing […]

Mobile Forensics : An Overview of Techniques in Mobile Forensics Investigation

Smartphone and tablet technology has changed dramatically and quickly within the last many years and continues to do so at an astounding pace. These smaller computing devices are so common, with the flexibility to replace their desktop counterparts in human-to-computer interactions. Sit in any restaurant, airport, or public place that provides Wi-Fi and you may see humans with their faces apparently glued to their device screens, interacting on their device with such focus, seemingly oblivious to their own physical surroundings. Today’s smartphones are used less for calling and a lot for socializing; this has resulted in smartphones holding plenty of sensitive information about their users. Mobile devices keep the user’s contacts from a variety of sources (including the phone, social networks, instant electronic messaging, and communication applications), data about phone calls, sent and received text messages, and e-mails and attachments. There are also browser logs and cached geolocation information; photos […]

Cryptography : A Dive Into Encryption World

Let me ask you a question. Do you want to learn about encryption hashing and secure communication? Do you want to understand what I mean when I say SHA256 or MD5? Not only that but do you want to know how all of these fit together as part of an information security plan for any organization. Well, then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Cryptography and if you’ve never heard of this term, be sure to read the whole article and you won’t be disappointed.   Cryptography in its simplest form is the secure communication and Information sharing technique that involves certain mathematical concepts and calculations often known as algorithms, which has one main objective, which is to transfer data(messages, emails, files). Intimidated huh? Alright, let’s break it down a little bit. Whenever someone from someplace wants to send some data(Files, Video, Image, even a small text message […]

5 Tools Used in Digital Forensic Labs You Should Know About

Digital forensics tools will constitute many alternative classes, a number of that embrace info forensics, disk and data capture, email analysis, file analysis, file viewers, internet analysis, mobile device analysis, network forensics, and registry analysis. several tools fulfil over one operation at the same time, and a major trend in digital forensics tools are “wrappers”—one that packages many specific technologies with totally different functionalities into one overarching toolkit. New tools are developed on a daily basis, each as elite government-sponsored solutions and basement hacker rigs. The direction for each is a bit different. a number of these transcend easy searches for files or pictures, and dig into the arena of cybersecurity, requiring network analysis or cyber threat assessment. when there’s a tool for everything, the foremost pressing question is which one to use. I have mentioned some best tools used in the Digital forensics and cybersecurity Industry. Wireshark Wireshark is a free and open-source packet analyzer. it’s used for network troubleshooting, analysis, code and protocol development, and education. Originally called Ethereal, Wireshark displays data from many different protocols on all major network varieties. data packets are […]

CLOP Ransomware Breached Data of India Bulls: A Case Study

Ransomware is a category of self-propagating malware that uses encryption techniques to keep the victims’ data ransom, has emerged in recent years as one of the foremost and complicated cyber threats, with widespread damage; e.g., zero-day ransomware WannaCry has caused the world-wide catastrophe, from shutting down a Honda Motor Company in Japan to knocking U.K. National Health Service hospitals offline. Indiabulls Group of Companies, a diversified Finance Company with a net worth of more than Rs. 28,580 crore, has been reportedly breached by CLOP Ransomware operators. These operators, as per the report, claim to possess stolen data that has four spreadsheets associated with Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited subsidiaries and Indiabulls Pharmaceuticals, among other files. Till now, CLOP Ransomware operators have uploaded six screenshots of stolen files and asked Indiabulls to contact them in 24 hours. Clop ransomware was discovered by Michael Gillespie on 8 February 2019 and it is still […]

How to Land a Job in Cyber Security Amid Covid-19 Crisis

Quick guide for a promising career in Cyber Security Ever thought about working in a security role? Information Security (generally known as “Cyber Security”) can be a very rewarding career, especially for Students graduating in the era in which Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have grabbed their spot in technology and are about to revolutionize the whole world. However, the path to get from Graduate student to working professional can be complex. In this post, we are going to discuss a structured plan towards landing a job in Cyber Security amid the COVID-19 crisis.   Cyber Security has been facing a recruitment setback since 2015. There are currently 2.9 million professionals working in the security field which is far from sufficient given the ever-expanding cyber threat landscape. But, the rising number of Coronavirus cases has resulted in an economic collapse in the whole world and is slowly moving towards a global […]