What is ChatGPT And How Can You Use It?

ChatGPT is a variant of the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) language model that has been fine-tuned for the task of conversational response generation. GPT models are a type of language model that use large amounts of training data and a transformer architecture to generate human-like text. ChatGPT is designed to generate responses to prompts in a way that mimics human conversation. You can use ChatGPT in a variety of ways, including: To use ChatGPT, you will need access to the model and a way to input prompts and receive generated responses. This can be done through a command-line interface, a web-based interface, or by integrating ChatGPT into your own application or system. Who Built ChatGPT? GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a type of language model developed by OpenAI, a research laboratory based in San Francisco. The original GPT model was introduced in a paper published by OpenAI researchers in 2018. […]

The Danger of Inadequate Data Disposal, Revealed by Cyber Forensic Analysis

In the digital world the most dangerous mishap is cyber crime or cyber threats. As we are learning about these threats and crime, we are becoming more and more conscious about them and always trying to ensure the security of our data in the digital devices.  But a new forensic analysis has revealed that despite firms and individuals becoming increasingly conscious of the importance of cybersecurity, inadequate data disposal and digital devices is posing a potentially catastrophic threat. Simply deleting data from the hard drive of a device before disposal is not sufficient, according to analysis from professional services firm Alvarez & Marshal (A&M). The firm conducted in-depth forensic analysis across six used devices purchased on an online marketplace that found sensitive and highly personal data on 80% of the devices. They were able to recover 5,875 user-generated documents across the six devices. The majority of those items came from […]

Forensic Assessment to be Conducted in Optus Data Breach Case

Australia’s second largest telecommunication company Optus has been facing the issue of cybersecurity data breach for the last 12 days. On 3 October, its parent company Singapore Telecommunication (Singtel), in a comment said that it was assessing the potential costs of the massive cybersecurity breach of private data from 10 million accounts and sought to clarify reports it could face a huge compensation bill. They added that they have not received any legal notice of a class action lawsuit but have engaged lawyers to advise it. The company also said that the review put forward by Optus CEO, Kelly Bayer Rosmarin, to the parent company’s board was supported unanimously. Kelly said that the company has commissioned Deloitte to conduct an independent external review of the Optus’s massive data breach, with a focus on security systems and processes. The review would be in addition to the work Optus was undertaking with […]

Optus Data Breach Case

Optus, an Australian telecoms giant company (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore telecommunications group, Singtel) is facing a controversy over data breach, since last week. It has become the latest high-profile victim of a data breach with the alleged attacker demanding payment to buy back millions of customer records, having already made 10,000 of them public online.  The cybersecurity experts believe that an account called ‘optusdata‘ in an online forum, is the account of a hacker. It had threatened to publish the data of 10,000 Optus customers per day unless they receive $1 million in cryptocurrency. However, the account holders posted on 27 September 2022, that they had deleted the data due to ‘too many eyes’, were withdrawing their ransom demand and were sorry for having already leaked data of 10,200 Australians. However, it does not change the fact that someone was able to access these customer records, including names, dates […]

Digital Twins and Artificial Intelligence: Key To Reshape Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

A manufacturing unit of any product is the key basis that decides its future. If we talk about this in detail regarding biopharmaceutical products and manufacturing, it raises little concern as it is directly linked with the lives of the people. As in this article, we are going to focus our concern mainly on drug products and its manufacturing using Artificial Intelligence. As simple as that, a well-equipped and controlled manufacturing unit will bring quality-proof products which can determine how vulnerable it is to the patients. Although preclinical and clinical assessments are necessary to check the quality of the product it is mainly the manufacturing unit that comes in direct power. Production costs, process requirements, and data are necessary for any bioprocess control. Process understanding is the main aspect of any control strategy where the researchers use models to meet the quality expectations. Statistical models are highly used for this […]

Pegasus Spyware Controversy And Its Investigation in India

Privacy is our fundamental right and its violation by anyone is directly inviting a criminal charge against them; be it a person, an organization, or any Government entity.   Cybercrimes, the new generation of crime is spreading like wildfire. In this era of the internet, our privacy is not so private to us! With the advancement of technologies and the presence of dexterous researchers and experts amongst us, the dark side of technological breakthroughs can’t be overlooked. Cybercrimes have increased with the constant development in technology. In a recent case in India, a controversy about Pegasus Software erupted and it was revealed that an Israeli company targeted the mobile phones of high authority officials and many others. The controversy went on to become a national-level investigation. Pegasus spyware is one of many software that can be used for betterment or to destroy some lives depending on the circumstances it is used […]

Evolution and Scope of Digital Genome

Since the discovery of DNA for over a century, genomic research has come a long way and the sequencing of the entire human genome is one of the topics. DNA has a unique structure responsible for an organism’s genetic makeup, and any two individuals cannot possess the same DNA sequence. So, in order to understand the complete genetic construction of an organism, we need to analyze and record the DNA sequence of the whole genome. For humans, reaching this point took a very long time due to the lack of technology. Scientists were not aware of how to deal with such a large cluster of information and where to store it but recent advances in technology and research enabled us to digitalize and store it without trouble. DNA is a complex framework of proteins that is responsible for the transfer of genetic information through generations and also has additional functions […]

Jamtara Case- A Cybercrime Tale in India You Must Know

Have you ever gotten a call from Jamtara yet? Jamtara is a small city close to the Naxalite belt which is located in the Indian state of Jharkhand. Jamatara is considered as the place’s homegrown for the phishing industry of India. This crime has become so common that now people say ‘mere Saath jamtara ho gya’. Lately, new Jamatara like hotspots has also come up in Haryana, UP, Gujarat, and Rajasthan. How Jamatara Became the Cybercrime Hub? Cyber experts say that such phishing scams originate from smaller towns where the police are not active or not able to deal with these criminals unlike in metropolitans cities where police departments keep track and conduct raids related to this crime. Jamtara only came to the limelight of the police or law enforcement when the amount of extorted or a number of cases became too big to ignore. Why People Fall Prey to Cybercrimes […]

Increase in CyberCrimes in 21st Century

Consequent to the advancement of information technology and computer network, a variety of legal issues related to the use and misuse of the Internet as digital processing devices such as piracy, Intellectual Property Rights violations, pornography, commercial and banking frauds, etc. have emerged which need to be tackled through the instrumentality of the law. Since cyberspace has no boundaries, nor has its physical characteristics such as sex, age, etc. This leads to a big challenge before the law enforcement agencies. Because of the anonymity of its character and negligible chances of being detected, cyber offenders are misusing computer technology for committing a variety of crimes that need to be prevented by effective law and regulatory measures. As per NCRB (National Crime Record Bureau) report, cybercrime surged 12% across the country even as other crimes such as murder, theft, etc witnessed a drop due to national and regional lockdowns in the […]

What is Cryptocurrency? | Bitcoin(฿), Ethereum (Ξ), Dogecoin (Ɖ) Explained Simply

Any digital or virtual currency known for the medium of exchange is a cryptocurrency. A Cryptocurrency wherein each coin ownership record is stored in a ledger existing in a computerized database using strong cryptography to secure transaction records, control the creation of additional coins, and verify the transfer of coin ownership. It is a method of encryption and decrytion for securing any information/communication exchanged within 2 parties also in the presence of a third one with ill intent. The prefix “Crypto” means “hidden” or “vault,” and the suffix “graphy” stands for “writing.” Cryptography usually requires a computational Algorithm like SHA256, a public key that the user shares with everyone and a private key that acts as a digital signature of the user. Who Regulates and Control the Cryptocurrency? The cryptocurrency doesn’t exist in any kind of physical form such as paper currency or coin, which Central Authority is issuing. Thus it is not issued by a […]

How To Detect Cryptocurrency Miners

A sudden spike in cryptocurrency rate recently has grabbed some attention of the common public towards crypto exchange and trading, and many even have turned towards mining to earn some easy cash. Cybercriminals also saw an opportunity to mine cryptocurrencies using other people’s resources, where a person who is mining wouldn’t be sentient and can’t fix anything. This is identified as crypto–Jacking. Thus Network overseers and researchers found a way to find these cryptocurrency miners.  Some standard methods of detecting cryptocurrency miners Port Blocking The access to ports that the blockchains operate is blocked. Only the permissions to needed ports are granted in a network. DNS Traffic / Deep Packet Inspection  Every data packet needs to be verified and recorded. The source and target need to be identified. It is a long and tedious work and can take many hours to finish.  Moreover, these methods can be used when the mining […]