Top 5 Cases Solved Using Fingerprints in United States

Can fingerprints play a crucial role in solving any criminal case? Well, we can think of this because the technology has been much faster than before and even a single needle can expose the main culprits then why not fingerprints. Although we have got so many new skills and technology in the present time there was a time when these things were just like rocket science. Many cases in the past were so easy to solve but they took time due to the lack of proper knowledge and discoveries. Here, we are going to discuss the top 5 cases solved in the United States with the help of fingerprints either related to the victim or the culprit. Some cases, given here, were so easy to solve but due to the lack of proper knowledge at the time, the procedure took more time. Cases Solved Using Fingerprints 1) Murder Case of […]

12 Mass Murderers You Should Know About

The number of crimes and criminals are increasing day-by-day in every sphere of the world. Whether it is a town, village, or mega-city, crime is everywhere. The crime done by and on the individual level has not as much impact as the crime done in mass numbers. Although the crime rate is different in every state and country and keeps on changing with time, the crimes in the United States are of a big impact. In this article, we are going to talk about serial killers or the mass murderers who had created large havoc. The definition of a mass murderer uses in different contexts and meanings in different fields. If simply speaking then, a mass murderer is someone who murders at least two or more people in a gathering or an event. Mass Murderers of the World 1. Terry Lynn Nicholas Born on 1st April, 1955 in Lapeer, Michigan, […]

Top 8 Crime Shows Worth Watching For Forensic Students

If you are an Indian and a 90’s kid, C.I.D would have definitely been the only show that gave you a fictitious knowledge of forensic sciences. Our very own Dr. Salunke is the superhero, without whom no case would have been solved. No matter how many doors Daya must have broken, it was Dr. Salunke who gave the final breakthrough.  Other than our very own version of Sherlock Holmes it was the very authentic Sherlock Holmes movies that gave us the best kind of adrenaline rush. Watching Sherlock unraveling the case slowly and scientifically was always enticing. So, if you are a forensic student, your love for crime and forensic shows is quite evident. Here is a list of some of the shows you would love binge-watching. 8 Crime Shows Forensic Aspirants Must Watch 1. Sherlock Holmes You can watch this crime show on Netflix. Sherlock is an entertaining TV […]

Top 10 Gruesome Murders World Will Never Forget

Murders have always been the most heinous act of crimes for ages. Ceasing someone’s right of life by anyone has always been a matter of discussion. Taking someone’s life is considered inhuman and immoral in nature, because of this mindset even now in many countries including India, the death penalty is given in some cases. No doubt, murder is one of the most inhumane acts whenever done apart from self-defense. We have heard a lot of crime stories including both serious and not so serious kinds of criminal offenses. Murders are among the serious ones of the list. It has always been enticing to watch, hear or read stories of the scariest murderers and serial killers. This article will take you to a bone-chilling ride of reading about the most well-known murder cases that shook the world. Top 10 Scariest Murders You Should Know About 1. The Worst Women On […]

Top Eight Cold Cases in Europe That Remains Unsolved Till Date

World has witnessed infinite number of cold cases since ages. It has been observed that the developed and developing nations in every era have come across the most heinous types of crimes, that are gruesome in nature too.  Europe has always been the center of attraction in every aspect, whether positive developments or some of the most famous cold cases of the world. Many crime-related shows have always tried to capture these incidents and outside of infotainment documentaries like Unsolved Mysteries. Internet detectives have dedicated many hours, words, and posts to solving cold cases that have been long forgotten. So let’s go through some of the most chilling unsolved crime mysteries of Europe. Top Eight Unsolved Cold Cases in Europe 1. Murder of Auli Kyllikki Saari On 17th May 1953, a 17-year-old Auli Kyllikki Saari from Finland left for church on her bicycle. She also worked in the church office and […]

Top 8 Cold Cases in America That Remains Unsolved Till Date

A case becomes “Cold” when all probative investigative leads available to the primary investigators are exhausted and the case remains open and unsolved for years. USA has more than 2,50,000 unsolved cases, a number that increases by about 6,000 each year, according to the FBI’s Uniformed Crime Report data. Currently, we cannot estimate the total number of unsolved cases in terms of all types of crime. However, some of America’s famous Cold cases are: The Hall Mills Murder The Black Dahlia Case JonBenet Ramsey Case The Zodiac Killer D.B. Cooper Case Anthrax Scare Tylenol Tamperings Jack the Ripper Case of disembodied feet Death of Edgar Allen Poe Brown and Goldman Double Murder Case The Women of Ciudad Juarez There are a lot more cold cases that cannot be discussed simultaneously. However, in this article, I have discussed some of the famous cold cases of USA, which even after numerous efforts […]

Top 5 Cases Solved Using Biological Evidence in the United States

Any material obtained from a crime scene or any place associated with a particular crime, victim, or suspect that is biological in nature is considered biological evidence. It can include hair strands, fibers, any plant or animal materials such as tissues, or even body fluids like blood, semen, and saliva. Evidence, once encountered, is sent for further analysis to the Forensic laboratory following a proper chain of custody. Biological pieces of evidence are usually sent to the Forensic Biology or serology division.  The typical crime scene scenarios that appear to people are from web series or movies. However, the real situation is quite different. Analysis of evidence does not produce results from superfast machines as seen in the fictional movie world, especially if it is an analysis of a DNA print. Biological evidence can be considered to have pretty much first preference in the chain of evidence, however, analysis of […]

Top 8 Unsolved Heists of the World You Must Know

Mysteries grab our ATTENTION! Don’t they? Mysteries are so overwhelming that we get involved in them and relates them with us. A mystery takes a person to a relatively new world with strange and never-ending surprises until it uncovers the truth. Throughout the history of forensic science, experts/detectives have faced many mysterious cases including murders, robberies, heists, etc. Heist is a word given for taking away something illegally i.e., without permission. Among several crimes, heists are one of the commonest ones. Some of the heists even lead to death due to intervention by police or citizens. if you look into heists in detail, you will find how difficult it is to conduct a successful heist and yet many heists have remained mysterious till now. Here, I have listed some of the top 8 unsolved heists of history. Unsolved Heists of the World 1. Isabella Gardener’s Museum Heist Considered to be […]

Top 5 Forensic Toxicology Case Studies in the United States

Forensic Toxicology deals with the branch of forensic science where toxins are the main causes of death. This field investigates the type of toxin used to poison the victim by the suspect. In this article, we will be discussing the 5 famous Forensic Toxicology Case Studies of the US. Knowing the cases regarding forensic toxicology can help us to relate it with any crime for investigation. It not just increases our knowledge but opens up our minds in every direction to find out the possible key to relate any suspect with the victim or crime scene. In this article, the five famous forensic toxicology case studies will help you understand how criminals use toxins as a factor to kill a person and how the investigation in such cases takes place. The Vosburgh Poisoning case tells us about the toxin that reacts slowly and can be detected from the victim’s fluid. […]

5 Peculiar Cases Solved by Forensic Ballistic Experts

As the world is modernizing day-by-day, use of firearms is increasing also leading to the increase in number of crimes. Here, in this article, I will discuss the 5 peculiar cases where Forensic ballistic experts had to involve in order to solve the case. Ballistics is the study of the motion of projectiles and the factors associated with it. Ballistics is broadly divided into three main branches which are: internal, external, and terminal ballistics. Forensic ballistics expert deals with the examination of firearms-related evidence discovered from the crime scene. Forensic experts deals with different varieties of criminal cases from simple burglary cases to murder cases to poisoning cases to high profile horrendous crimes to shooting cases. Ballistic experts handle criminal cases where shots have been fired to link the suspect with the crime scene and the victim. 5 Cases Solved by Forensic Ballistic Experts Though there are numerous Ballistic case […]

Top 10 Murder Mysteries Where Forensics Actually Helped Solve Crimes

Murder mysteries are difficult to solve yet never impossible, it depends on the will of the investigation department as to how badly they want justice for the victim. There are 100’s Forensics is an integral part of the law as they analyze evidence to bring out the truth in front of the world. A suspect may or may not confess about his crimes in court, Forensics always show the bitter truth of the case. Police receive distinct cases per day. Some of those are Open and shut cases while some take a turn into mysteries. Forensic always come in handy to the court as well as the police department to help catch the criminal. Centuries have passed since Forensic science was used for the first time to solve the case and since then, advancements in this field has been enormous making it easy to catch up with the sharp-minded serial […]

Top 5 Cases Cracked by Forensics in India

Forensics is an integral part of the criminal justice system as it helps in providing justice and maintaining law and order. In India, not many are aware of forensics, thanks to innumerable Tv shows, movies, that have helped in introducing Forensic science in India especially CID which most people used to watch on television. Yet, only awareness is not important but also its application. Due to many factors, India is way beyond Forensic advancements and workforce that should have been introduced or implemented a long time ago. Although, the established forensic institutions in India play a vital role in offering justice to the victims. Here is the list of top cases solved by forensics in India over the years. Top 5 cases cracked by forensics The top 5 cases solved by forensics have been discussed below: 1. Mumbai serial rapist-murderer case This case comprises of Rehan Qureshi who was a […]