Capital Punishment sentenced to 2 convicts accused of rape and murder

Capital Punishment sentenced to 2 convicts accused of rape and murder

10th January 2020 marks the first anniversary of the justice served to the minor Dalit girl who was raped and murdered by two convicts. The court sentenced them to Capital punishment after performing such a heinous crime.

The way Nirbhaya suffered the tragic incident in Delhi in December 2012, the minor too met the same incident. The only difference in both the heinous crimes was the age of the victims. With these incidents, humanity is going to the lowest level it could end up.

Even Capital Punishment seems a bit too easy for these criminals with their horrifying acts. To make a stop to such activities, the government and lawmakers need to come up with a solution very soon to at least make criminals fear about their fate if they commit such crimes.

In remembrance of this justice served by POSCO  (Prevention of Children against Sexual Offences) Court, let’s have a look at what happened to that girl and how she was served justice in 4 years’ time.

Capital punishment to Nawabganj case convicts

On 29th January 2016, the victim was working in a sugarcane field with her mother when she was allegedly kidnapped, raped, and strangulated in a near mustard field.

The victim was a minor of 10-year old belonging to a labor class family of Scheduled Caste and a student of class 4th. Her mother went home after work but she stayed back in the field. After some time, her parents got worried and started looking for her.

The parents filed a missing report at the police station. The police started the search operation and around 4 pm, the minor was found mutilated and dead in a nearby mustard field by the villagers. The police reached the crime scene with the forensics team.

She was declared dead and the unknown accused were charged with kidnapping and murder. There were external injuries on her body suggesting more than one person was involved in the crime. Further charges were added after the postmortem report.

The postmortem report verified that the minor was sexually assaulted and her private parts were badly damaged due to the stuffing of a stick in her private parts.

On 31st January police arrested the two accused namely Murari Lal (34) who confessed that he took part in the crime with his partner Uma Kant Gangwar (36) by abducting her in the mustard field.

Both the accused kidnapped her with the motive of rape but when the victim tried to threaten them by exposing them, they strangulated her and left her naked in the fields. They took her clothes with them which were later recovered from the convicts.

Judgment of the Case

The convicts were charged with abduction, rape, killing, and were also booked under SC/ST Act since the victim was from the Dalit community.

The case was fast-tracked to the POSCO court to serve justice to the victim. The prosecution presented 13 witnesses to the case and a hearing in the matter went on for 3 consecutive days. The defendant party too presented some of the witnesses.

Police asked for Capital punishment against the convicts. Court after hearing both the parties concluded to give the final judgment on 10th Jan 2020.

On Friday i.e., 10 Jan Court found both the convicts guilty of the heinous crime and sentenced them to Capital Punishment.

And so, after 4 years of struggle, the victim got the justice she deserved.

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