Bihar Police to Curb Crime Rate by Cancelling Bail Requests of 2nd Time Offenders

Bihar Police to Curb Crime Rate by Cancelling Bail Requests of 2nd Time Offenders

Bihar police has decided to cancel the bail of the 2nd time offenders in order to prevent another crime by them. This step was first taken by the Bihar police in 2012. However, it came to a stop or was being neglected as time passed.

DGP SK Singhal has again started this campaign to curb the crime rate in Bihar. It is quite obvious in many cases where criminals after getting bail don’t stop and repeats to meet amends.

He has directed district SP’s to work with the headquarters to focus on arresting criminals, quick investigation and quick trials.

This step by the Bihar police will be crucial in decreasing the crime rate in the state. According to the law, If an offender after bail is suspected or proved to be involved in another crime, the police can file an appeal to cancel the bail of the appellant. 

If the evidence presented in the court strongly suggests that the suspect was involved in the crime, the previous bail may be canceled, and further bail is very hard to get.

The fear of bail cancellation was observed among the offenders in 2012 and will be used again. This fear may provoke the offenders to not be involved again in such acts.

IG BMP MR Nayak has been made the incharge of this campaign to revocate the bails. He will work as a link between the court and the police. He met with the Advocate general Lalit Kishore in order to speed up the court trials.

This campaign was started earlier way back in 2012 by the then DGP Abhayanand who made up a team to revoke the bail of the repeated offenders. So far 58 bails have been revoked while more than 800 proposals were made.

Bihar Police again took up this campaign to make it much more successful such that the incidents could be decreased.

The initiative taken by the Bihar Police is quite inspiring and brings a hope of curbing crimes in different parts of the state.


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