Joe Biden asks intelligence agencies for full report on COVID-19 origin

US president Joe Biden in a press conference asking some questions with several mikes in front of him and America flag behind him

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday ordered the intelligence agencies to submit a report within 90 days on the origins of Covid-19. Biden also said that the US and other countries would ask China to participate in a complete, transparent, evidence-based international investigation. 

In a statement released by White House, Biden said he had received a report on Covid 19, which he asked in March, from intelligence agencies, but they are not conclusive.

The theory of lab generated coronavirus was in the news in 2020 when Former US president Trump advocated the idea after China refused to join the investigation actively. He took many significant steps to force china by putting various sanctions on China. 

Agencies should redouble their efforts to collect and analyze information that could bring us closer to a definitive conclusion and report back to me in 90 days,” Biden said in a statement released by the White House.

In March, Biden ordered to find out the origin of the virus. Agencies of America came out with two possible theory, one through animal contact at a market in Wuhan, China, or through the release of the coronavirus from a highly secure research laboratory in the same city. 

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This year, World Health Organization concluded that the virus spread to humans from bats through an unspecified intermediary animal. But the White House criticized the report as incomplete and lacking crucial data. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said, “I do not believe that this assessment was extensive enough” and that the lab-leak theory needed more investigation.

Redfield, who led the CDC under Trump, said that he thinks the Wuhan lab is the likeliest origin.

Dr Fauci head of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases rejected the Redfield statement by pointing out that most public health community disagrees.

If it did come from the lab, that’s something we need to know. Because that’s an entirely different problem for the world. People who are in charge of that lab, and who set in motion this virus, need to be held accountable in some fashion to deter this in the future,” Senator Lindsey Graham said Wednesday.

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Statement released by the White House on COVID-19 investigations.

Back in early 2020, when Covid-19 emerged, I called for the CDC to get access to China to learn about the virus so we could fight it more effectively. The failure to get our inspectors on the ground in those early months will always hamper any investigation into the origin of Covid-19.

Nevertheless, shortly after I became President, in March, I had my National Security Advisor tasked the Intelligence Community to prepare a report on their most up-to-date analysis of the origins of Covid-19, including whether it emerged from human contact with an infected animal or a laboratory accident.

I received that report earlier this month and asked for additional follow-up. Today, the US Intelligence Community has “coalesced around two likely scenarios” but has not reached a definitive conclusion on this question.

Here is their current position: “while two elements in the IC leans toward the former scenario and one leans more toward the latter – each with low or moderate confidence – the majority of elements do not believe there is sufficient information to assess one to be more likely than the other.”

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I have now asked the Intelligence Community to redouble their efforts to collect and analyze information that could bring us closer to a definitive conclusion and report back to me in 90 days. As part of that report, I have asked for areas of further inquiry that may be required, including specific questions for China.

I have also asked that this effort include work by our National Labs and other government agencies to augment the Intelligence Community’s efforts. And I have asked the Intelligence Community to keep Congress fully apprised of its work.

The United States will also keep working with like-minded partners worldwide to press China to participate in a complete, transparent, evidence-based international investigation and provide access to all relevant data and evidence.

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