Arya singh a 29-year-old, has been arrested after almost four years, on Thursday in the death of her child regarded as ‘ Baby June’, whom she had tossed in the Boynton Beach Inlet, Florida.

It was on 1st June 2018, when an off-duty firefighter found a baby in Boynton Beach Inlet in Palm Beach County.

The Florida detectives started their investigation by checking all the babies born there at that time. They almost checked 700 babies, but not a single lead about the parents of the baby was obtained, so the baby was named as ‘Baby June’.

The forensic examination of the ‘Baby June’ revealed that the baby was alive during the delivery and died because of the suffocation. The forensic scientists created the genetic profile of the baby and entered it into the CODIS.

The CODIS found a match that helped to connect the case with a potential father, who cooperated with a police investigation. When he was interrogated, it was revealed that he had no idea about the baby but he used to have a girlfriend at that time.

The detectives filed a case against the mother without notifying her, but luckily they got search warrants for phone records and for GPS data location four years ago.

Detectives were somehow able to obtain a coffee cup that Singh had used, from which they extracted the DNA sample. When it was tested a match was found for Baby June. After the confirmation Singh was arrested, where she confessed of murdering her child four years ago.

She revealed that she had the baby in a hotel room bathroom. She didn’t know that she was pregnant until she saw that the baby had come out.

According to her, when the baby was born, she wasn’t sure if the baby was alive or dead. She kept the baby in a backpack, believing she was dead, and even kept the backpack with her as she attended a class at Florida Atlantic University. By the time the baby went into the inlet, she was already deceased.

The Palm Beach County detective Brittany Christoffel told that, minutes after tossing her newborn baby, Singh searched online- “What lives in the Boynton Inlet” at 9:45 p.m.” and “Why is the Boynton Inlet so treacherous?” a minute later.

She continued to search online weeks later, reading or clicking on 64 Baby June news articles. She did see the first articles on June 1st, around 5 p.m., and so she did know about that but she never come forward in all this time.

Singh is being held at the Palm Beach County Main Jail. Today she was presented to the court where the judge denied her bail.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff Rich Bradshaw said, “The men and women in law enforcement always think they’re tough and they’ve seen it all. But I guarantee you when you see an infant — a newborn infant, floating in the ocean that somebody has discarded like a piece of trash — it tugs at your heart.”

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