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Baba ka Dhaba v/s Gaurav Wasan | Digital scam or not???

Baba ka Dhaba v/s Gaurav Wasan | Digital scam or not???

As we come to an end of the decade and probably the worst year, new headlines arise every day, the latest being the controversy of newly famous Baba ka Dhaba v/s the Youtuber Gaurav Wasan. The controversy has reached the verge of a police complaint being filed by the owner of Baba ka Dhaba against the Youtuber alleging misappropriation of donations.


Let’s roll to the past

On 6th October 2020 a food Blogger/Youtuber Gaurav Wasan officially known as “Swad Official” on Social Media Platform, Spotted the old couple in Malviya Nagar struggling to Sell their Dhaba’s Food and barely earning their living during Post-Lockdown. He decided to make a video of the couple working hard to earn their living and soon the video caught the eyes of everyone going viral in no time with around 35 lakh views on Youtube in which he asked everyone to help them in their possible ways.

Baba ka Dhaba got famous due to which the old couple got a huge response with an increase in the customers. Youtuber Gaurav Wasan also left his details for the donations.


Donation Controversy 

On 8th October, Gaurav again posted a video on his social media asking the public to not donate more money as Kanta Prasad (Owner of Dhaba) has received a sufficient amount of money as help. In an Instagram handle live video, Gaurav also mentioned that Kanta Prasad got more than 25 lakh rupees and that the account was blocked with such a huge amount received in such a short period of time.

baba ka dhaba owner and youtuber Gaurav Wasan

As time went by, Gaurav started getting backlashes from the public as well as other YouTubers who claimed that the Food Blogger Gaurav Wasan should make the public clear about the donation he got from the public for the old couples and share a video of money being given to that Dhaba owner. They started questioning Gaurav about his intentions with a series of a large number of questions.

After a series of incidents, Gaurav again came in limelight on 27th October when he gave a cheque of 2 lakh 33 thousand rupees, and then again a sum of 1 lakh rupees was transferred to Baba’s account through NEFTthe same day. People started raising questions on all kinds of actions taken by Gaurav Wasan.

As a result, some people criticized the Youtuber calling it a scam while some still stand with him.

Youtubers went public with their allegations, which ultimately led to a police complaint filed by Baba ka Dhaba’s owner Kanta Prasad. Although Youtuber Gaurav answered some of his critics through interviews.


Whom should we trust?

Scam or not?? Irrespective of the result it would be a loss in the faith of humanity.

Although the investigation of the police complaint is going on, the question of scam still rises in the minds of people. Whom should we trust? Kanta Prasad who filed a complaint without verifying the facts and believing others or the Food Blogger Gaurav Wasan. We are unable to reach at any conclusion at this point as it will be revealed after the investigation.

What we were observing as humanity behavior has also led us to the darker side of it within a month. 2020 has already been a curse and such an incident again has put a dent in the trustworthiness. People will think before helping while others will think before taking the help of others.

We will be biased to say it as a digital scam before any investigation yet we can claim that this might be a possibility maybe not in this case, but maybe in future. If Gaurav Wasan comes out clean from this case, a whole lot of questions will be raised over those criticizing him while if the opposite is resulted what we are fearing is a very great way of digital scamming from which we must be aware and remain as far as possible in the future.


What we think as a team is that in such cases we shouldn’t help by digitally transferring the money rather should go physically and help the sufferer as we can’t determine whether our money is going to the right place or not. Helping is a excellent cause to humanity yet we must remain careful at all instances.







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