Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Blames Pakistan for Supporting Taliban

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Blames Pakistan for Supporting Taliban

During his speech at the Central and South Asia 2021 conference in Tashkent, Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani said that Pakistan had not severed its relationship with terrorist groups. 

Pakistan’s Prime Minister was also attending the conference and sat a few feet away on stage at the Central and South Asia connectivity conference held on Friday. 

Mr.Ghani said that more than 10,000 ‘jihadi‘ fighters had entered Afghanistan last month from Pakistan. According to intelligence reports, the Pakistan government had failed to convince the Taliban to participate “seriously” in the peace talks.

Contrary to repeated assurances by Prime Minister Khan and his Generals that Pakistan does not find a Taliban takeover in Afghanistan in Pakistan’s interest and short of the use of force will use its power and influence to make the Taliban negotiate seriously, networks and organizations supporting the Taliban are openly celebrating the destruction of the assets and capabilities of the Afghan people and State,” said President Ashraf Ghani. 

Pakistan military had threatened Afghan Air Force of missile attacks if they try to target Taliban militia that has claimed border check-posts at Spin Boldak, said Vice President of Afghanistan. 

Replying to the allegations made by Ashraf Ghani, Imran khan said, “President Ghani, the country that is going to be most affected by turmoil in Afghanistan is Pakistan. Pakistan suffered 70,000 casualties in the last 15 years. The last thing Pakistan wants is more conflict,” Mr. Khan said, addressing the Afghan President directly. 

He further added that “I can assure you that no country has tried harder to get Taliban on the dialogue table than Pakistan. We have taken all action short of taking military action, and every effort to bring them to the dialogue table and have a peaceful settlement there, and to blame Pakistan for what is going on in Afghanistan is extremely unfair.”

In the meeting, Imran Khan raised the issue of Kashmir and said the issue of Kashmir between Pakistan and India is a big challenge to regional connectivity. 

During his conversation with the media, Imran Khan blamed RSS for creating hurdles to the India-Pakistan dialogue.

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