Andhra Pradesh woman killed her 2 daughters believing in resurrection ritual

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Andhra Pradesh woman killed her 2 daughters believing in resurrection

Andhra Pradesh’s double homicide has left the city in shock as the parents killed their 2 daughters to resurrect them from death under the influence of dark magic. How they came onto trying such acts on their daughters is a big question as of now.

The 2 daughters killed were Alekhya (27) and Sai Divya (23) killed by their mother Padmaja Naidu (50) and their father Purushottam Naidu (55). Padmaja had a Ph.D. in Mathematics and used to teach in an IIT coaching institute while Purushottam was a vice-principal in a local government college.

Brief about the Andhra Pradesh double murder case

On the night of 24th January, in Madanapalle town of Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh, neighbors complained to the police about the strange noises and screams from a house.

Neighbors told the police about their strange behavior since the COVID-19 lockdown and the screams and cries that night. When police reached the house, the parents refused them to enter the house but when the police forcefully entered, they saw two dead bodies lying covered in red clothes with blood around everywhere.

The parents were arrested immediately. It was found that the parents were under the influence of Tantriks and were following a ritual to cleanse the spirits of their daughters because they believed that they were occupied with evil spirits.

Padmaja killed them and was dancing around the dead bodies to resurrect them after killing them making them pure.

According to the police, the family was completely under such delusions and was confirmed by the social media posts of their daughters convincing enough that they cooperated in the ritual.


Shared Psychotic behavior: Investigation

The police have started the investigation to know the reason the parents came under such delusions even after being educated. The police have charged them with murder under Section 302 of IPC.

According to the doctors, they both were suffering from Shared delusion disorder in which the delusions and hallucination faced by one are transmitted to another person.

According to the mother’s statements, she believed herself to be Shiva and told the healthcare workers that Corona has originated from her body and will end without the use of Vaccine by March.

She believed that the Kalyug is about to end and Satyug will start from Monday i.e., 25th January and their daughters will make the world much better than before after reincarnation.

In her statements, she also said that their daughters themselves believed in it. The younger one was killed by her elder daughter by a dumbbell and then asked her mother to do the same to her.

Andhra Pradesh’s double homicide case is not the first of this modern era where someone killed themselves or their family members to fulfill the ritual. Burari’s death case is one of the horrifying incidents that happened in 2020 where all the family members killed themselves due to the shared delusions.

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