Man Hired Forensic Investigator to Prove his Innocence Instead Was Accused By Court

Man Hired Forensic Investigator to Prove his Innocence Instead Was Accused By Court

A West Michigan orthodontist, Dr. Thomas Patrick Shannon (41) was arrested on January 5th following an investigation. He was accused of child pornography, soliciting minors for explicit photos and videos.

Shannon hired a forensic investigator to prove his innocence in the child pornography yet he got accused for bearing a large amount of child porn in his data.

Kent County detectives were alerted in 2021 by the Fuquay Varina Police Department about Shannon’s alleged exchange with a 17-year-old girl.

The investigation was started regarding this matter by detective Tim Potts with the Kent County Sheriff’s Office and interviewed Shannon at his practice.

Shannon was asked if he remembered talking to the girl on Snapchat two years prior, to which he responded as ‘possibly yes‘.

When he was alleged of asking nude photographs from the girl by offering her some money, he denied the facts and said “If it happened, obviously it’s all there and I have to fess up to it. I didn’t know anything more about that, but some girls are on there soliciting.”

It has been stated that Shannon decided to hire a forensic investigator to comb through his iPhone and iCloud accounts and show ‘there was no child pornography stored on it.’

However, shockingly the forensic investigator found a large amount of child pornography in Shannon’s data, including sexually explicit photos of children under the age of 10.

The Kent County detective Christopher Goehring continued the investigation and found that Shannon had been communicating with known minors online and seeking explicit photos and videos since at least January 2019, and had used multiple social media apps and online banking accounts to do so.

The investigators also believe that Shannon had at some point attempted to make arrangements to have sex with the minors.

When the search warrant was executed on the Shannon’s devices and accounts, the detectives allegedly discovered images of naked boys and girls, including infants and prepubescent children.

Based on the above evidence, Shannon has been charged with 8 felony charges in the case, including possession of child pornography, distribution of child pornography, and using a computer to commit a crime.

Defending his client, Shannon’s attorney Frank Stanley said that “My client begins the legal process with the presumption of innocence. He has cooperated fully with authorities in their investigation. We look forward to his day in court when these allegations can be addressed.”

A letter went out to patients of Shannon Orthodontics stating the office will be in touch soon to discuss future orthodontic needs.

The investigation in the case is still in progress by the Kent County Sheriff’s Office, who is urging anyone with information about Shannon’s activities to come forward.

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