Convicted Sex Offender Murdered at His House

Convicted Sex Offender Murdered at His House

Last Thursday, Christopher Mooney, a 60 years old man was murdered at his bungalow on Knockreagh road outside Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan, Ireland.

Christopher was a convicted sex offender and had been jailed for sexually abusing a male juvenile 19 years ago and was released in recent years. Prior to the murder, earlier attempts were made 8 years ago, when two men broke into Mooney’s house and assaulted him.

Mooney was murdered as a result of fatal attacks made on him and after half-an-hour another man named Kieran Hamill, 37, from Armagh was knocked. Hamill was killed 3 km away while crossing Ballynacarry Bridge between Castleblayney and Dundalk.

The Gardai forensic team reached the crime scene on Sunday and found blood smears on the front door of Mooney’s house. A red van parked in the front driveway of the property, whose windscreen had been smashed in.

Visible scorch marks on the vehicle’s fuel cap were found which indicated that efforts must have been made to set the vehicle alight. Continuous efforts are made by the Gardai (state police of Ireland) to establish links between Mooney and Hamill. However, according to sources no evidence have been found till now which can link both of them.

There is also no such evidence which can predict that Mooney had sexually offended Hamill 19 years ago. Hamill is suspected to be the murderer of Mooney, as Hamill had repeatedly come to the attention of Gardai in the last 18 months of his life, including for violent offences.

Also when Mooney was being assaulted, his brother arrived there which disturbed the attacker and he flew away. Mooney’s brother was also able to elaborate the appearance of the attacker, which also points towards Hamill.

Till now it is believed that Hamill fled the scene on foot and was knocked down during his attempt to escape across the Border. However, the final confirmation will only be made after the forensic examination.

The Gardai is also looking for the evidences for the mental issues of Hamill because of his previous offences.

In last May, Hamill was charged with affray at an address in Castleblayney and was to appear in court on that charge this month. He was also charged with assault causing harm to a female and threatening a woman’s property in December last year.

It has been estimated that if the forensic reports confirms that the killer was Hamill, then it would mean both the killer and victim are confirmed dead, which would see the case closed.

The Gardai will then prepare a file for the coroner for an inquest into their deaths. However, Gardai will still carry out an investigation into the crash that cost Hamill his life.

As Gardai continue their investigations, both men will be buried after separate funeral services later on Monday.

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