80-Year-Old Rescued in Telangana from Abandoned Well After 3 Days

80-Year-Old Rescued in Telangana from Abandoned Well After 3 Days

Telangana police rescued an 80-year-old man who fell into a well on June 29. He was rescued after three days of search by Telangana police. He survived without food for three days and used a small quantity of water available in the well for survival.

On June 29, Paisa Narayana was walking to Siddipet town in Telangana after attending an event in a nearby village when he lost his way and fell into an abandoned well on a farm.

Narayana called for help, but no one heard him. On the morning of June 1, a farmer in a neighboring field heard Narayana crying for help and called the police, who rescued him that afternoon.

After rescuing Narayana, officials said there were no signs of visible injuries to Narayana and shifted him to a nearby hospital.

Along with the help of Fire Department personnel, a police team got inside the well and pulled out the elderly man safely using a rope. Narayana was immediately shifted to the Siddipet Government Hospital, and doctors have said his condition is stable now, the police official said.

Earlier, police had registered a missing complaint of Narayana filed by his family members.

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