If you are an Indian and a 90’s kid, C.I.D would have definitely been the only show that gave you a fictitious knowledge of forensic sciences. Our very own Dr. Salunke is the superhero, without whom no case would have been solved. No matter how many doors Daya must have broken, it was Dr. Salunke who gave the final breakthrough. 

Other than our very own version of Sherlock Holmes it was the very authentic Sherlock Holmes movies that gave us the best kind of adrenaline rush. Watching Sherlock unraveling the case slowly and scientifically was always enticing.

So, if you are a forensic student, your love for crime and forensic shows is quite evident. Here is a list of some of the shows you would love binge-watching.

8 Crime Shows Forensic Aspirants Must Watch

1. Sherlock Holmes

You can watch this crime show on Netflix. Sherlock is an entertaining TV show which keeps you biting your nails and at the edge of your seat. It would be a treat for any quality web series lover across the world.

The storyline, acting, and dialogues in this series is superb and I am sure you will love it. This Sherlock Holmes web series is based on the book character of Sherlock by Arthur Conan Doyle. Although the Sherlock plots can’t beat Conan Doyle’s works, they are impressive, inventive, baffling, exciting, and engrossing.

Moreover, this series is easy to watch as there are only 3 seasons and each season has only 3 episodes. Everything about this three-part series has been stylishly updated to produce a fun, smart, and entertaining drama.

2. Forensic Files

This is undeniably one of the best crime shows on TV after Sherlock Holmes. Its approach on suspense is top-notch and the wonderful narration is haunting. These are real-life cases, with some reenactments, and it shows you how the crimes get solved with reliable forensics.

A team of experts studies forensic science through past cases, crime files, accidents, and the occurrence of diseases with a logical, fact-based, and highly technological approach to the subject. This exciting crime show has only two seasons and is available on Amazon Prime.

3. Crime Scene Investigation

Gil Grissom and his team of Las Vegas criminologists use scientific methods of investigation to solve grisly murders committed by different criminal masterminds. For 15 years, the forensic scientists of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” often literally dug up clues to Las Vegas murders. It has got 16 seasons.

4. Dexter

It is definitely worth a watch if you are interested in crime/drama. It follows the life of a serial killer and makes you root for him. The first season is a bit slow though, however it picks up pace after the first season. Dexter Morgan, a man with homicidal tendencies, lives a double life. He works as a forensic technician for the police department during the day and kills heinous perpetrators in his free time.

5. Asur

This series pits two conflicting worlds against each other – one, which is led by forensic science, and the other than revolves around Indian Mythology. Set in the backdrop of Varanasi, a forensic expert finds himself entangled with a serial killer.

However, solving the murders won’t be easy as mythology and suspense hover over the investigation. The series has been applauded for its refreshing storyline and the ability of its makers to keep the audience glued to their seats.

6. Autopsy

Celebrity deaths often make the news, especially when a person is well-known or when mysterious circumstances surround a demise. Here, forensic pathologists research some controversial ones to determine the causes and to quell rumors.

In addition, the show features interviews with the family of the deceased and with people who worked with them, which may explain the decisions they made. It is a documentary and you can watch it on amazon prime.

7. Forensic Factor

Based on true crimes solved by an elite team of investigators, “Forensic Factor” details the trade secrets used by the world’s best sleuths to nab the most elusive criminals, with re-enactments of crucial incidents and firsthand accounts from the experts providing depth and insight.

Each episode explores one baffling case, revealing the amazing science being used by North America’s top crime fighters.

8. Forensic Investigators

Forensic Investigators is an Australian television show hosted by Lisa McCune which aired on the Seven Network. It aired for three seasons from 2004 to 2006. Focusing on actual Australian crimes, each episode unfolds the drama minute-by-minute showing viewers the tireless work of detectives, and the scientific procedures required to solve these mysteries.

The series includes exclusive footage that has never been seen outside the courtroom, including police videos, crime scene stills, and other forensic evidence. All Seasons of Forensic Investigators are currently streaming on Amazon Prime and 7plus.


These 8 crime shows are one of the best to understand how the criminal world works and how investigators helps in solving various cases using their expertise.

These shows cover variety of cases to drool you over them for long. These shows may be fiction yet are not less than a treat.

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab a bowl of popcorn with a bottle of coke and get glued to your seats. Happy Binge-watching!!

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