5 Dead of One Family Found in Madhya Pradesh, 7 Suspects Arrested by Police

5 Dead of One Family Found in Madhya Pradesh, 7 Suspects Arrested by Police

Madhya Pradesh police in Dewas found five dead bodies buried in an agricultural field owned by Hukum Singh Chouhan. The accused buried bodies 10 feet deep into the ground. Police, with the help of JCB, took out bodies.

According to ASP, 45-year-old Mamta, her two daughters (21-year-old Rupali and 14-year-old Divya), and two teen cousins were missing from their home in Dewas on May 13.

After the investigation, the Police arrested Surendra Rajput as the main suspect and four others. The Police are looking for seven other people.

Their landlord, who was in a relationship with one of the victims, and a dozen of his accomplices are behind this horror, said Police.

Six people, including Surendra Chouhan, have been arrested. While Chouhan planned and executed the murders, the five others helped him in digging the pits in which the victims were buried,” Dewas police officer Shiv Dayal Singh said.

Madhya Pradesh Police started an investigation after the family filed a missing complaint. Accused tried to mislead the Police by posting messages through Rupali’s Facebook Id. The letters claimed that Rupali had got married according to her wishes and that her younger sister, two cousins, and her mother were with her and were safe.

After tracking the location of Rupali, Police found that she was in constant touch with the owner of their house, and he was in constant contact with five others.

Police, after questioning five of them, found the dead bodies. The dead bodies were without cloth and were poured with urea and salt to ensure their decomposition.

Surendra Singh was in a relationship with Rupali, but he wanted to marry another woman. When Rupali got to know about it, she posted a picture of the man’s fiance on a social media site, along with her number. This enraged him. He then allegedly planned to eliminate Rupali.

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