29-Year-Old Jagdish Arrested for Blackmailing Women on Social Media

29-Year-Old Jagdish Arrested for Blackmailing Women on Social Media

Gujarat police arrested a man for allegedly blackmailing women through the use of social media. The accused has been identified as 29-year-old Jagdish.

The accused would persuade women to strip on video calls through Snapchat and Facebook and then took their screenshots. After that, Jagdish would blackmail the victims and extort money from them by threatening to make their photos viral on the internet.

Police during the investigation also found several phones containing nude and semi-nude pictures of women from his mobile phone. Police started a probe against Jagdish after a girl filed a complaint with Gujarat police. 

The 19-year-old girl in his complaint told police she came into contact with Jagdish Singha through social media and used to chat with him regularly. The girl said, Jagdish during a video call, took her screenshots and threatened to make them viral if she did not pay Rs 50,000.

According to the police, most of the victims are from the Anand area.

As some of the girls appear underage in the photos, we are adding the section of child porn against the accused. All his electronic devices have been sent to the forensic lab for examination. Further questioning of the accused is going on to ascertain the number of victims and the money extorted from them,” the report quoted Anand DySP BD Jadeja, ass saying. 

The police arrested him from Borsad in Anand District of Gujarat. Police, in their investigation, found that he is married and is preparing for the comparative exam.

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