Bite Mark Analysis During A Criminal Investigation

Forensic odontology is a branch of dentistry that deals with the examination and analysis of dental evidence and analysis of marks created by the teeth on the victim’s body relating it to be presented as in the interest of justice. It also deals with the use of teeth and oral structures for identification in a legal context. Various techniques involved in forensic odontology not only help with bite mark analysis, it also deals with the identification of victim remains during terrorist attacks, arson cases, accidents, mass disasters, etc. The principle basis in bite mark analysis and dental identification lies in the fact that no two oral cavities are alike and the teeth are unique to an individual hence the bite mark created by a set of teeth would also be different. The dental evidence of the deceased recovered from the scene of crime/occurrence is compared with the antemortem records for […]

Why Every Individual Has Different Fingerprints?

Interesting question, right! Do you know not only in every individual but fingerprints differ in your fingers too? Yeah, you read that correctly. Let me give you a practical example. We all use smartphones, where we put our fingerprints as one of the security features so that no one else can unlock them. Now here comes the exciting part, you might also have noticed if you have recorded the thumbprint of your left hand in your security features, it will only consider that. Even if you put your right hand’s thumb, it won’t consider that until and unless you have recorded it. Check it out if you haven’t, and if it opens, then congratulations, you are that one person among 64 billion chances. Even twins differ in fingerprints which is one of the reasons why we use it in biometrics though that topic is for another day.  Here we already know that it’s different, […]

Importance of Documentation In a Crime Scene

Documentation is a very vital aspect of crime scene investigation. Keeping the record of all sorts of data that we gather from the crime scene assists an expert to give better opinions and presumption of the situation by analyzing the documentation repetitively.  The documentation itself includes; taking the notes from observers or people around the crime scene, noting down the data of the crime which is specified by the first respondent, drawing sketches of the crime scene, and photographing and video graphing the whole scene through different angles with evidence. It is always advised to record all these details in brief as it is very crucial for further investigation. Consistency between each of these types is supreme. This recorded information develops the final report on the case. One more significant action is also sketching the crime scene along with the appropriate position of the evidence present there. The compiling person […]

Everything To Know About The Shocking Disappearance Of Teekah Lewis!

How would the parents of a two-and-a-half-year-old baby girl would feel when they come to know that they have lost their princess? It’s been more than 20 years since the disappearance of Teekah Lewis, and her case is still under mystery without any lead or suspect? Her case was “America’s Most Wanted” case that attracted everyone. Let us know in brief the case of “Teekah Lewis”. Who Was Teekah Lewis? Born on July 4, 1996, Teekah Lewis or Teekah Latres Lewis is a shy, caring, and self-oriented baby girl to Theresa English and Robert Lewis. She had four siblings, and, unfortunately, her father could not be a large part of her life, as being convicted of theft and was sentenced to 4 years in jail. She was a multiracial child and had both black and white ancestry due to her parents. She was very much attached to her mother and […]

Was Alex Mengel A Psychopathic Serial Killer?

Alex J. Mengel, born in 1955, was a Guyanese-born suspected serial killer and cop killer who was responsible for two killings in 1985 but suspected in many more. After 31 months of his death, many more discoveries were made suggesting his hand in many disappearance cases. Was he another psychopath serial killer? Did he also have his hands in other unidentified cases too? Let’s find out by reading more about him. How Did Alex Mengel Commit Crimes? It was the time of February 24, 1985, when a 27-year-old Westchester County police officer Gary Stymiloski, who was engaged to be married, was on patrol in Yonkers, New York, and spotted the vehicle of Alex with shotgun shells in the car. He immediately informed the headquarters for support, but he was shot to death with a single bullet in his brain by Alex due to his bad luck. The investigators learned that […]

Touch DNA And Its Hooked Controversy

We have heard a lot about shedding dead skin cells to the immediate environment of our body. Often not visible to our naked eyes, it does take place and is quite helpful in identifying an individual. Forensic science has always tried to focus on trace evidence and exploit any phenomenon that can be used as evidence. Touch DNA is quite a novel term and is one of the trace evidence. Let us know more about it and dive deep into this topic. History of Touch DNA “Touch DNA” is DNA obtained from biological material transferred from a donor to an object or a person during physical contact. Touch DNA, also known as Trace DNA, is a forensic method for analyzing DNA left at a crime scene. It is called “touch DNA” because it only requires a minimal amount of samples, such as the skin cells left on an object after […]

Top Cases Solved By Forensic Psychologists In The United States

Forensic Psychologists play a significant role in studying the behavior of criminals, the nature of the crime, and finding the reason behind their motive to commit crimes. Solving a crime is a great deal in society to provide justice to the victim and halt such further attacks by the perpetrator. Many cases require the help of psychologists, mostly in cases of serial killers, mass murderers, people with mental health conditions, and high-profile cases. They can help narrow the number of suspects among a group based on their behavior and response to specific events. Here, in this article, we will acknowledge the top 5 case studies of the United States that required the help of psychologists in capturing the actual suspect. 1. Patty Hearst Case This is one of the oddest FBI investigations ever. On February 4, 1974, a group of armed men and women kidnapped Patty Hearst, a 19-year-old college […]

What Is The Role Of Forensic Psychologists In Crime-Solving?

The need for forensic psychologists is increasing day by day as the number of crimes is increasing. Other than the police, witnesses, special investigating officers, pieces of evidence, and judge, there are various processes and steps in solving a case that forensic psychologists can only do so. They employ the techniques of both; psychology and the law to help in solving a case. Read further to know about their roles and responsibilities in detail. What Is Forensic Psychology? History Of Forensic Psychology Forensic Psychology, a subset of applied psychology, is simply the use of clinical treatments and involves the application of psychological knowledge and methods to help the legal system and criminal proceedings. The history of forensic psychology is as fascinating as it is itself. From the contemporary definitions of Forensic Psychology, it recognizes that every subfield of psychology applies its scientific, technical, and applied knowledge to the law, so […]

Was Charles Manson The Mastermind Of Tate-LaBianca Murders?

A series of eight murders, six murderers but, a single mastermind of the entire game. Charles Manson, the mastermind of all the murders, instructed his family members to do the same. But, what was his motive behind all these murders or was he a planned serial killer? He was an aspiring musician when he instructed all those murders and, all the jury members were shocked why he constructed all those murders. Well, many theories are related to the murders instructed by him and, the people got to know the real truth about him fifty years after his death. Who Was Charles Manson? Born on November 12, 1934, to fifteen-year-old Kathleen Manson-Bower-Cavender and Colonel Walker Henderson Scott Sr., who did not have any intention of accepting Charles as his baby so he was named Charles Milles Maddox. Although his mother filed a paternity suit against his biological father that resulted in […]

Basic Techniques Used In Crime Scene Investigation

Investigating the crime scene thoroughly is one of the critical approaches to a successful investigation. We can refer to it as successful only if it follows certain principles and procedures. Crime Scene investigation is more often also termed a systematic process. A crime scene investigator or the responsible expert might have their ways of investigating the scene and giving their opinions. Still, there are specific procedures that each of them follows. For example, the crime scene of Arson will always differ from a crime scene of a homicide, but the rules and disciplines of approach will always be the same around whatsoever crime scene we are investigating.  Techniques Used in Crime Scene Investigation 1. Identify Scene Dimensions ∙Locate The Focal Point Of The Scene:- To start the investigation, we must identify the focal point so that we will not contaminate any significant evidence due to negligence and initiate the investigation […]