Surinder Koli: The Nithari Cannibal Convicted for 10 Cases

Nithari is a small village in the planned city Noida, situated in Uttar Pradesh, India. Noida accounts for most of the developmental magic as a city as well as a good number of crimes that include rape and murder. Around March 2005, a girl aged about ten years went missing from Nithari. She was the only daughter of a couple who had come for construction work. Even though a complaint was filed, no convincing steps were taken by the police. A few weeks later, three more girls went missing from the same village. A group of villagers reached the Noida police station and the officers in charge asked them to write a complaint and leave. The missing personages count increased with time. Due to the careless attitude of the police towards the case, the outrageous public started protests. As an initiation probe formality, the police spoke to the missing children’s […]

Professor Mohan Kumar: Cyanide Murderer Convicted for 20th Murderer

Mohan Kumar Vivekanand was an Indian serial killer known to have killed unmarried women from families in the poverty line of Karnataka, by offering them a dowry-free marriage. He was also called Cyanide Mohan due to the method of killing his victims by offering them cyanide pills, faking them as contraceptive pills to cause cyanide poisoning.  Overall he had killed 20 women between 2005-2009. He was also known to be involved in bank forgery cases. Mohan Kumar came from a middle-class family in Mangalore, Karnataka, and used to work as a Physical Education teacher in a government local school. He had two wives, Manjula staying in Kasargod, Kerala district, and Sridevi staying in Deralakatte, Karnataka both of them bore his children then. The money he received after selling his victims’ jewelry was used to take care of both families. Neither did his wives or their families knew each other or […]

The Butcher of 1920’s Germany: Fritz Haarmann

Friedrich Heinrich Karl Haarmann was a well-known German serial killer and rapist, whose primary victims were men between the ages 11-16 years. His crime period was between 1918-1924 and he had victimized more than 22 boys. He killed his victims through strangulation or by biting through Adam’s apple. He was also known as  ‘Butcher of Hanover‘, ‘The Vampire of Hanover’ and ‘The Wolf Man‘ with most of his crimes happening around Hanover, the German Empire. He was also a crucial informer helping the army during World War I back in his 20s. Deprived of peace and tranquility, when the German Empire was having its worst phase ever, was the time where Haarmann took his crimes to an extreme level of brutality.  Early Life of Haarmann Fritz Haarmann was born on 25th October 1879 in Hanover, Germany. He was the youngest among the six of them and he had four elder […]

South Africa’s Terrible Serial Killer: Moses Sithole

Moses Sithole, also dubbed as the ABC killer by the South Africans, was a serial killer and a rapist who carried out the crimes in and around cities of South Africa moving across Atteridgeville, Boalsburg, and Cleveland (ABC killer). Born on 17th November 1964, Sithole was the third child of Simon and Sophie Sithole and had four siblings. His father passed away when he was six years old as a result of which his mother had to take care of all the five children. This soon became a heavy burden for her and she abandoned all of them near a police station from where the siblings were taken into an orphanage. The orphanage days however was not very lively and comforting for Moses Sithole. He faced physical and sexual abuse along with mistreatment and torture. After a few years, he ran away from the orphanage taking refuge at his cousin […]

The Gruesome Murders by Andrei Chikatilo: The Soviet Ripper

The soviet union was dissolved in the year 1988 following hierarchical political controversies and internalizations. However, before the formation of Russia, the Soviets hardly faced huge crimes as a result of strong police forces and paramilitaries. Andrei Chikatilo though was an exception. Chikatilo terrorized the Soviets for months until he was finally executed in 1994. Andrei Chikatilo was born on 16 October 1936, in Yabluchnyk, Ukraine SSR, Soviet Union.  His family was one among the millions of poor families in the village as they were under severe famine attacks. He used to eat only bread and grass until he was 12 years old. Andrei’s father was taken by the Red Army as a prisoner during the second world war and was found dead after a month. He had a younger sister who was born after his mom was raped. Their mom was abusive and domineering. Andrei was not a regular […]

Yang Xinhai: China’s Very Own Monstrous Killer

Pretty architecture, finger-licking cuisines, and culture are not the only features of China possesses. Around the period 1999-2000, China was celebrated, criticized, and contemplated across the world for the disastrous series of killings that took place. One more interesting and quite curious name was added to the list of serial killers from China known as Yang Xinhai. Born on 29, July 1961, in Midland Zhengyang county, Hunan, China, Yang Xinhai was convicted of sixty-seven murders and twenty-three rapes which were carried out for a period of four years between 1999-2003. He was the youngest among the four of them and belonged to a poor family in their village. Being an introvert since childhood he hardly had friends due to which much information on him could not be collected by the police other than from a few people and his family members. This extremely clever child however dropped out of school […]

Samuel Little: America’s Deadliest Serial Killer Confessed to 93 Killings

During the period of 1960s till 2005, a series of crimes occurred. The majority of the victims were women with a lack of standard earnings and family. However, the killer was not keen on escaping the law. He took it lightly, so he was arrested and released multiple times, and kept committing crimes at his own pace. Samuel Little was a calm face that reminded the police of gruesome murders. Early Life of Samuel Little Samuel was born on 7th June 1940, in Reynolds, Georgia, United States. He was immediately moved into Lorain, Ohio, and was mostly taken care of by his grandmother. His mother was a prostitute by career choice and her pregnancy was not foreseen by her. Hence while during a verbal fight once with his grandmother, Little was informed that his mother was almost about to terminate the pregnancy as she did not even know the answer […]

India’s Monstrous Serial Killer: Kampatimar Shankariya

Kampatimar Shankariya was an Indian serial killer who turned out to be a man of mystery indeed. He was born on 1, January 1970. Back in the 1970s India was not high on reporting and keeping a track of murders or any crimes for that matter. Therefore, till now, the whereabouts of Shankariya, or the identities of the victims whom he killed, or any such detail is unknown. The Young Criminal Shankariya Shankariya was born in Sri Ganga Nagar in Jaipur, Rajasthan. There is no information or reports regarding his family or the kind of childhood he had faced. His crime spree started around the year 1977 when he was just 26-year-old. The modus operandi followed by him however was interesting. He would hide in the dark corners of deserted lanes at night covered under thick blankets. When he would see any person (which would be a man or a […]

The Mysterious Cold Case of Gilgo Beach Murders

Long island serial killing or Gilgo Beach Murders is one of the most infamous and unsolved cases of recent times. This case is also known as Long Island Serial Killer and the killer has been reported to have killed over 16 victims in Long Island. The Serial killer is still unidentified and victims were mentioned to be sex workers. Though the killings lasted for 20 years, the bodies were found between 2010-2011. All victims were found in a pathetic condition with dismembered bodies and we’re dumped near the southern shore of Long Island. The case came to light after the disappearance of one of the victims, Shannan Gilbert. Overview of Gilgo Beach Murders Case The story began in May 2010 when a young woman by the name of Shannan Gilbert disappeared in the quiet secluded community of Oak Beach, Long Island. There is a dense plantation in between beach and […]

The Mysterious Redhead Murders: Serial Killing or Mere Coincidence

Redhead murders is an unsolved serial killing case that remains unsolved till date. The case was named as redhead murders due to the hair color of the victims the killer assassinated. Starting the killing spree from 1983 to 1988, some victims were strangled, some were suffocated and some were sexually assaulted along with strangulation. It was believed that the redhead murderer has killed around 6 to 11 girls, confirmed ones are 9 while the rest are not included due to inconsistencies. The terror of killer was sustained in regions of Tennessee, West Virginia, Campbell, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, etc. Due to the areas of assassinations the killer was also named as “Bible belt Strangler”. Overview & Victims Several other bodies were found in Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee regions which were thought to be victims of redhead murders but due to some inconsistencies they were ruled out from the theory.  On February 13, […]

Rainbow Maniac: Brazilian Serial Killer Who Targeted Homosexuals

From 2007 to 2008, serial killings of Gay men startled the whole city of San Paolo, Brazil. It was reported by investigators that the killings occurred during the Great LGBT Parade and took place in “The Paturis Park” because of which it also has the name “Paturis Park murders”. As per the report, there were 13 murders and almost all victims were murdered by gunshots. The case is still unsolved. Overview Among several countries, Brazil was considered to be one of the most friendly countries for the LGBT Community. Seemingly it was amazing to notice that Brazil is also considered to be one among those where crime against the LGBT is widespread. By 2005, new laws against the LGBT were modified by the then President and made it more friendly but still homophobic people are there to shatter the enacted laws. It is among those countries with the most numbers […]

Pedro Rodrigues Filho: Brazilian Serial Killer Who Killed Murderers

A criminal who turned out to be a hero for millions, all because of one simple reason. His victims were all criminals! Pedro Rodrigues Filho was a Brazilian serial killer who killed the corrupted ones and not just in his point of view but also in terms of the law. He killed murderers, rapists, drug dealers, fraudsters, thieves, and much more. Filho was born in Santa Rita do Sapucaí, Brazil. His skull had been bruised since birth as a result of his father kicking his mother on her stomach while she was pregnant. His love towards murdering and torturing the people who committed mistakes started while he was a kid, during a  fight with his older cousin. He was extremely furious that his cousin said rude things about his mother, he had a strong urge to kill him as a result of which he almost pushed him into the mouth […]

M. Jaishankar: The Terror of Psycho Shankar That Traumatized Civilians

On 19 September 2009, the dead body of Lady police constable M. Jayamani was found from a drain near Kangeyam. The police and the public were equally shocked to discover that the country is not safe even for a police constable. Upon postmortem, they discovered that she was raped before being killed brutally. She had wounds that appeared similar to those created by machetes. However vaginal swabs obtained did not contain enough traces of DNA which could have been taken for a less proximate DNA matching run. It was not much time until further people started reporting finding various women dead in peculiar drains or graveyards. The highway between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka soon became an area of terror for numerous women. First Arrest of M. Jaishankar After the death of the constable, Jayamani, 12 more women were murdered. In all the cases they were raped. Police set up a […]

Ravinder Kumar: Story of a Monster Serial Killer Targeting Kids

Since the 1990’s there have been various cases where kids were raped brutally and killed. After a series of such crimes occurred, psychologists started to conduct researches on the minds and behavioral patterns of criminals who conducted such crimes and observed that most of them suffered Pedophilia. Pedophilia refers to a psychological disorder described by recurring, intense sexually arousing fantasies, urges, or behavior towards children usually younger than 13 years. It is considered a disorder due to the facts like those mentioned above crimes! Many people tend to develop these over-closed interactions out of depression. Instead of treating it, they get enslaved by the condition, leading to forcing children into sexual activity which further leads to either killing them or raping them brutally. Pedophilic profiles show various strands or phases of these conditions, some of them are not even pedophiles until they are intoxicated. One such case is discussed below. […]

Spider Killing Spree by Iranian Serial Killer Saeed Hanaei

Sixteen women, tortured and strangled with their headscarves. This murderous killing spree was accomplished by a construction worker, a true believer of Islamism, a true believer of God, named Saeed Hanaei, a citizen of Iran. He was corrupted by the wrong kind of beliefs and thoughts. The killing spree was also famous as Spider Killings as referred to by the people and the media that lasted for a year between 2000-2001. The Cleanser- Saeed Hanaei Saeed was born to a regular middle-class family in 1962 in Mashhad, Iran. He was a strong believer in sacred forces and was a construction worker by profession. He did not have a traumatic past. After he married Fatemah, one day a taxi driver mistook his wife for a prostitute while on the roads. In anger, he stashed the driver and abused his wife verbally on reaching home. He stated that the reason why women […]