The Irony of “HOME SWEET HOME “- Domestic Violence During Covid-19

The novel coronavirus was declared a global pandemic by WHO on March 11, 2020, even though it was initially reported to the World Health Organization on December 31, 2019. The pandemic caused by SARS-COV-2 has caused worldwide havoc in all possible economic, social, and personal levels. As confirmed that the virus spreads via droplets dispersed in air generated due to coughing or sneezing by an infected person, the government took strict measures such as lockdown, travel restrictions, quarantine, social isolation, etc., and controlled the spread. These preventive measures require the citizen to stay at home and work from home, as stay home stay safe is the mantra. But is home really a safe place for everyone? Just like every action has merit and its own demerit, the lockdown has also altered people’s everyday lives, radically making domestic violence a major outcome of the scenario. Domestic violence (DV) is the violence […]

2 Women Accused of Dragging an Injured Dog Arrested in Patiala

Today, Patiala police finally arrested two women who were accused of dragging an injured dog. The suspects have been identified as Chanchal and Sonia, residents of the Adarsh Nagar area near Ablowal village in Patiala.  On June 20, two Women in Punjab’s Patiala city tied a dog using a rope to a scooty and dragged him along the road. Women were seen dragging an injured dog in the new century enclave. The incident was captured on CCTV camera. After seeing the humiliating Act, neighbors tried to stop the scooty, but the accused left the injured dog and fled the spot. A case was registered by police under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act after Sushma Singh Rathore filed a complaint. Founder of this Chopaya Jeev Rakha Foundation, Sushma Singh Rathore, said, “Our volunteers traced the suspects and called the police. We will ensure that the suspects get stringent punishment.” […]

Taking Selfies Banned in Dang District of Gujarat to Prevent Accidents

Dang district in Gujarat banned taking selfies, especially in tourist spots. On 23 June, public notification was issued by additional district magistrate TK Damor. Dang is the first district in Gujarat that had banned taking selfies at any place in that district.  Notification prohibits locals from entering rivers or any water bodies during the monsoon to wash clothes, baths, or other work to prevent accidents.   Previously the administration, In 2019, had banned the taking of selfies on the Waghai-Saputara highway and at waterfalls. “With the start of the monsoon, there has been a huge influx of tourists in Dang. While enjoying nature, many acts irresponsibly taken by clicking selfies that lead to accidents have proven fatal. The notification has been issued to prevent such incidents,” said Damor. “The administration noticed that taking selfies was not limited to places of tourist interest but also occurred at places like roads, cliffs, waterfalls, […]

Methods of Measurement of Wound Ballistic Parameters

Ballistic is the study of the motion of the projectiles and the factors affecting them. Ballistics are primarily divided into three branches internal, external and terminal ballistics. If the target is living tissue, it is known as wound ballistics. Wound ballistics is concerned with the wounding phenomena. It studies how a projectile creates a wound and causes tissue destruction by its movements on and after entering the body, its travel and then exit from the body unless it is retained in the body. Measurement of wound ballistic parameters gives qualitative ideas of firearm injuries inside the victim’s body. Various Parameters of Wound Ballistics Entry Hole– Its inverted margin usually recognizes it, the presence of scorching, blackening, tattooing, dirt ring, size, and the number of entry holes. This helps in determining the direction from which the bullet was fired. Exit Hole– It is usually recognized by the absence of various marks […]

CB-CID Registered Case Against 10 Police Officers in Tamil Nadu

The CB-CID of the Tamil Nadu police had registered a case against 10 police officers, including an assistant commissioner and a sub-inspector, for having intimidated a businessman, forcing him to transfer his property to another businessperson. On Sunday, a case was registered against police officers in Tamil Nadu police station, after which the direction we’re given to investigate the matter. A Chennai-based businessman, in his complaint, alleged that police detained him and his family illegally on his farmhouse and forced him to transfer his property to another businessman. The complainant said that he had entered into a business venture with some of his associates but had later wound up the operations a few years ago. He said that he had made all the settlements through bank transfers. However, he complained that the police officers led by the assistant commissioner took him to the police station in September 2019 and threatened […]

Secret Writing Inks and their Decipherment Techniques

When a spy or any agent has to send any secret message, they transfer it through written text to conceal their writings. Some precise methods are used to hide the written text, i.e., secret inks. It can be deciphered using specific techniques. In the upcoming sections of this article, we will study secret writing, techniques involved in secret writing, and methods to decipher it.     Secret writing is a way to communicate through writing by hiding the written text, by encoding or deciphering. It is an art to hide or cover writing. Sometimes Ciphers and Codes are placed mistakenly under the “secret writing” heading. However, it is precise only by taking the expression in its most ordinary sense because the writing is covered in any way. Ciphers and codes hide the definite message. Techniques involved in writing secret texts are carbon copies and invisible ink. This way of sending a […]

Source and Collection of Gunshot Residue

The gunshot residue is the unburnt or half-burnt particles discharged from a firearm. Collection of gunshot residue can be done in numerous ways. Gunshot residue is also termed as firearm discharge residue and gunfire residue. Gunshot residue is usually formed when a weapon or a firearm is discharged. The vapors released by the primers are solidified into particles and adhere to people or objects around. GSR particles greatly vary in shape and size, and hence the examiner must collect and analyze all types of particles found so that they won’t miss out on any evidence. The quantity and quality of the GSR particles are affected by various factors such as the type of the gun, caliber, bullet, the burn rate of the powder charge, and the environmental condition. Sources of Gunshot Residue  The most primary source of gunshot residue is the primer and the propellant. It also consists of the […]

Brief Explanation of Theory of Recoil

The theory of recoil is based on Newton’s third law of motion. Newton’s third law of motion states there is an equal and opposite reaction for each action. The recoil of a gun is defined as the rearward or the backward motion of the gun in reaction to the forwarding motion imparted to the projectile and propellant gases. The recoil caused by the gun balances the forward momentum of the projectile and exhaust gases. The various concepts involved in the theory of recoil, including the factors affecting the recoil, are discussed in the article.  The theory of recoil, in technical terms, is the result of the conservation of momentum. The forward momentum gained by the projectile and gases is accompanied by an identical gain in the rearward momentum of the gun. The speed of the recoil system of a gun is low compared to the muzzle velocity. Factors affecting the recoil […]

2 Bombs Exploded in Jammu Airbase by Suspected Drones, 2 Arrested

Today two bombs were exploded in the Jammu airbase of the Indian air force. One blast, which exploded at 1.29 am, caused damage to the roof of a building at the technical area of Jammu airport. Another blast occurred at 1.32 am in the open area.  Two Indian Air Force (IAF) personnel have suffered minor injuries in the explosions, news agency ANI mentioned sources. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, who is in Ladakh today for reviewing the preparation of defense forces in Ladakh, spoke to Vice Air Chief Marshal HS Arora regarding the blasts at the Station.  As per reports of Times Now, Jammu police had taken two persons into custody in connection with the blasts. The Jammu and Kashmir Police have reportedly lodged an FIR under Sections 16 and 18 of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. According to reports, there is suspicion that the attack was conducted through drones. They […]

Cartridge Case of Bullets

The cartridge is the entire pre-assembled firearm packaging referred to as a bullet. The bullet is a projectile that’s housed inside a cartridge. Ammunition is a cartridge composed of shells, propellant, primer, and projectiles commonly used in firearms. The standard ammunition comprises the following basic components: Cartridge Case, primer and primer cap, powder or propellant, wads, and the projectile. This article further deals with the various components of the cartridge in detail. Cartridge Case of Bullets A cartridge case is also known as the shell after its contents are discharged. It provides housing for various components of the cartridge. It is usually made up of brass for rifle, pistol, and revolver ammunition. For shotgun, it is made up of several layers of thin paper, which are tightly compressed. The base of the paper shell is made up of brass. Plastic shells are also manufactured. Cartridge cases are classified into three major groups based […]

Class & Individual Characteristics of Bullet

Bullets fired through rifled firearms receive both the class and individual characteristics of the barrel from which they are fired. These random and class characters define the characteristics of bullet. The bullet show the primary markings left behind by the gun barrel’s lands and grooves and reveals the fine striations on all marks. The various class characteristics of bullet include caliber, number of lands and grooves, twist direction, and width of the lands and grooves. Individual characteristics of the bullet include the striation marks present on the bullet. This article further explains in detail the various class and individual characteristics of bullets. Class Characteristics of Bullets Class characteristics of physical evidence are always referred to the properties which can be associated only with a group and not with a single source. The following are the characteristic of bullets which can be classified under the class characters. 1. Number of Lands […]

Derek Chauvin Sentenced to 22 and Half Years for Murder of George Floyd

On Friday, Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer accused of killing George Floyd, a black man, was sentenced to 22 and half years in prison.  In April, Derek was convicted of second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter after a three-week trial by 12 jury persons consisting of 6 black and six white.  Derek Chauvin pressed his knee against Floyd’s neck for up to 9 and half minutes which led to the death of Floyd and triggered protests all over the world in the name of black lives matter.  After emotional testimony from Floyd’s family and Chauvin’s mother, along with brief condolences from Chauvin himself, Judge Peter Cahill said the sentence was not based on emotion, sympathy, or public opinion. The judge, while passing sentence, said, “I’m not basing my sentence on public opinion. I’m not basing it on the attempt to send any messages. The job of a […]

29-Year-Old Jagdish Arrested for Blackmailing Women on Social Media

Gujarat police arrested a man for allegedly blackmailing women through the use of social media. The accused has been identified as 29-year-old Jagdish. The accused would persuade women to strip on video calls through Snapchat and Facebook and then took their screenshots. After that, Jagdish would blackmail the victims and extort money from them by threatening to make their photos viral on the internet. Police during the investigation also found several phones containing nude and semi-nude pictures of women from his mobile phone. Police started a probe against Jagdish after a girl filed a complaint with Gujarat police.  The 19-year-old girl in his complaint told police she came into contact with Jagdish Singha through social media and used to chat with him regularly. The girl said, Jagdish during a video call, took her screenshots and threatened to make them viral if she did not pay Rs 50,000. According to the […]

Various Indian Acts on Poisoning and Drugs

Various legal Indian acts on Poisoning have been passed to regulate and control the manufacture, distribution, sale, and possession of poisons and drugs.  The WHO defines “Poison as the substance which when introduced into the living body or brought into contact with any part, will produce ill effect or death by its local or systemic action or both.”  Some of the Indian laws on the importance of poisons are as follows: The Poison Act, 1919 The Drugs Act, 1940 The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 The Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945 The Pharmacy Act, 1948 The Drugs Control Act, 1950 The Drugs and Magic Remedies Act, 1954 The Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substance Act, 1985 In this article, we have explained these acts passed by the Indian government to eradicate the different poisons from the society. Indian Acts on Poisoning The Poison Act (1919) This was amended in 1958 and […]

Reliability and Validity of Questioned Document in Court

When a question arises on the identity of writing a document or its genuineness, the expert will need to compare it with other documents of known origin. Such documents are called standards. These standards provide the reliability and validity of the questioned documents. In this article, we will study how to make a questioned document reliable and valid in court. The standards can be obtained in two ways Request standards– These are obtained at the request of the investigator. Non-Request standards– These are obtained without the knowledge of the author. To be admissible in the court as reliable and valid evidence, the standards must be taken as a genuine ones. For that, the specimen must be taken in the presence of an expert, independent witness or by videography. Sidewise, we will also study the factors necessary to maintain the genuineness of the standards taken by the suspect to maintain the […]