200+ Remains of Children Found Buried in Canadian Residential School

The remains of 215 children have been found buried on the site of what was once Canada’s most prominent indigenous residential school.  According to First Nation Cheif Rosanne Casimir, remains were confirmed last week with the help of ground-penetrating radar. The officials said more bodies could be found in the coming days after searching on the school grounds.  “To our knowledge, these missing children are undocumented deaths,” Casimir added. She further said, “The band is still surveying with the radar. We are expecting a full report by mid-June, and it will be shared publicly.” Casimir said the band is looking into what it can do to send back the remains to their country and honor the children’s and the families impacted.  Perry Bellegarde, the national chief of the Assembly of First Nations, said on Twitter that “while it is not new to find graves at former residential schools in Canada, […]

Methods of Teeth Examination for Determining Age of Individual

Odontology is the scientific study of teeth, where – the study of the structure, development, and abnormalities of the teeth. Forensic Odontology can be defined as the application of the dental expertise to the legal system. It is a branch of forensic medicine and it’s finding is correlated with each other evidence such as findings from bone. As we know already that fingerprints and DNA are unique to every individual, similarly dental pattern of every individual is also unique and are extensively used in identification processes during mass disasters and forensic investigations. They are also used extensively for age determination. There are usually 3 methods which are used significantly for determining age of individual. They are:- Methods for the Examination of age through Teeth examination There are 3 broad methods for the examination of teeth.1. Boyde’s Method2. Stack’s Method3. Gustafson’s Method Following detailed methods : Boyde’s Method This teeth examination method is used to determine […]

Brief Article on Fundamental Right to Equality

Equality is one of the basic principles of liberalism. Equality before law means everyone is the same in front of the law. Equality is considered a fundamental human rights in the modern world and is declared under Article 7 of the human right declaration. The principle of equality means that every individual, whether male or female, rich or poor, should be tested equally. In India, demand for equality started in the early 20th century after the formation of the congress party. Congress party demanded equality with Britishers and demanded representation of Indians in the legislative assembly and government jobs. In the early nineties, every section of Indian society was demanding equality. Women’sWomen were fighting for equality with men,, and Hindus and Muslims were demanding equality in voting after the introducing communal electorates by Britishers. For SC and ST community, it was like a two-front fight. They were fighting for equality […]

Offences and Punishment for Rape Crime in India

Rape is the most common crime committed in India. According to the 2019 report of NCRB, rape was fourth on the list of most committed crimes. 32033 rape cases were filed across the country, an average of 88 daily points were registered. Considered inferior to men, women have been consistently exploited by men and juveniles for centuries, and thus Crimes against women remained high in recent years. Three juveniles were arrested each day for rape, assault and violence against woman.  In this article, I will discuss the legal meaning of rape briefly and its punishment. Section 375 of IPC Section 375 of IPC states a man is said to commit rape if he penetrates or inserts any object or manipulates any part of women’s body to cause penetration or applies his mouth to the vagina, urethra of a woman or makes her do with him or any other person. The […]

How To Detect Cryptocurrency Miners

A sudden spike in cryptocurrency rate recently has grabbed some attention of the common public towards crypto exchange and trading, and many even have turned towards mining to earn some easy cash. Cybercriminals also saw an opportunity to mine cryptocurrencies using other people’s resources, where a person who is mining wouldn’t be sentient and can’t fix anything. This is identified as crypto–Jacking. Thus Network overseers and researchers found a way to find these cryptocurrency miners.  Some standard methods of detecting cryptocurrency miners Port Blocking The access to ports that the blockchains operate is blocked. Only the permissions to needed ports are granted in a network. DNS Traffic / Deep Packet Inspection  Every data packet needs to be verified and recorded. The source and target need to be identified. It is a long and tedious work and can take many hours to finish.  Moreover, these methods can be used when the mining […]

Difference Between Chromosome, Chromatin and Chromatid

All living organisms are composed of genetic materials which contribute to the growth and development of the body. Starting from DNA, which is the most important part of genetics and serves a crucial role during cell division in the living organisms and helps in genetic identification within the living organisms. It’s a double helical structure composed of dual long and thin threads that twirl up around each other and look Simi to the spiral staircases. These thread-like structures are called chromosomes which are found both in eukaryotic and prokaryoticcells.  What is Chromosome? Chromosomes consist of thread-like structures that tightly bind the DNA located within the nucleus of the cell. These genetic materials assure that there is synchronized replication and dispersion of DNA during cell division. Humans have 46 chromosomes which are divided into two different pairs. One pair consists of 23 chromosomes, and both sets are inherited equally from both […]

How To Mine Dogecoin? Step by Step on Any PC

Cryptocurrency is the trending topic of these days apart from COVID-19. The bullish market of the crypto and the introduction of Dogecoin by Elon Musk to his space project has made it famous among the general population and many people have invested in it lately without proper research and knowledge. To invest in any currency, a basic idea and knowledge is required. Nowadays, many people follow blindly to the advice of others and same is happening in Crypto market where investors are investing without any prior knowledge or research. So, have accumulated some data today for every one about Dogecoin. Cryptocurrency is the new form of digital money or asset which is operated by Blockchain technology. It works as a medium of exchange wherein individual coin ownership records are stored in a ledger & that technology is Blockchain. Dogecoin is also the type of cryptocurrency which was created for payment system […]

Difference Between Forensic Scientist & Crime Scene Investigator

Forensic scientist and crime scene investigator is a field of criminal justice where both professionals work together to provide justice to the victim of a crime. To pursue their career in these fields, a student must pursue graduate degrees in their respective profession. However, before advancing forward, we must know the roles, these professionals play in a criminal investigation. Although the crime scene investigators and forensic scientists work as one with one mission i.e., to uncover the truth causing an incident, yet they have a lot of differences in their duties, salaries, education requirements, work environment, etc. As seen in movies, or TV series where a forensic scientist does all the work from crime scene investigation to the analysis of evidence to testifying in court, the reality differs widely. Crime scene investigators work at the crime scene also known as the first responder to the crime scene, where they collect, […]

Classification of Poisons on the Basis of Mode of Action

Poison is asserted as a toxic substance that is harmful to living organisms, and its intake leads to severe health conditions. Inhalation of toxins leads to a disturbance within the body and affects the metabolism of the living organism too. Though sometimes, the effect of the poison is not severe, and the individual suffers from subtle health changes. In Forensic Science, we have studied different types of poisons classified based on the mode of action and origin because of the difference in their respective properties. What is the Mode of Action? Mode of action is defined as a functional or anatomical modification at the cellular level arising from the exposure of a living organism to a material or a substance. It’s also asserted that a mechanism action describes such changes in a more efficient manner than the origin. The poisons classified under the mode of action often lead to severe […]

9 Best Mystery Books Every Forensic Student Must Read

Forensic investigation in a crime is a treat to watch, the strategies, approach and techniques used by the investigators to link every minute of evidence with the suspect and victim. There are a lot of criminal mystery books available in the market nowadays with some best stories. Forget about TV series, movies on crime thrillers, a book can have a significant effect on the mindset of the people. Along with the several benefits of reading books, it will also enhance your imagination, creativity and attentiveness. There are fantastic characters in the books and the excitement to reach the end of the story, page-by-page is a treat to read. Virtual investigations are not as exciting as these. Some of the best mystery books for forensic students are: The Hound of the Baskervilles The murder of Roger Ackroyd The killer of Little shepherds: A true crime story & birth of Forensic science […]

7 Basic Laws and Principles of Forensic Science

The laws and principles of all the natural sciences has formed the base of Forensics. In fact, the application all the sciences to analyze the evidence to answer crime mysteries has helped develop several laws and principles of Forensic science. The term “forensics” has been derived from latin word “forensis” which mean ‘the forum’. Forensic science is a scientific discipline that uses the laws and principles of forensic science for the purpose of administration to terminate doubtful questions in the court of law. These principles of forensic science has a direct impact on criminal proceedings from the scratch of investigation till the accused is convicted in court. There are 7 basic principles of forensic science which include Law of Individuality Law of Progressive change Principle of Comparison Principle of Analysis Locard’s principle of Exchange Law of Probability Law of Circumstantial facts. These 7 principles of forensic science are essential in […]

10 Best Colleges of India Offering Masters Degree in Criminology

Criminology is the scientific approach to the study of crime and criminals and the study of their motivations for criminal behavior. To terminate the crime from the society, police requires the help of experts including criminologists and thus many colleges has started offering bachelors and masters degree in criminology due to their increased demand in police services. Many graduates in Forensic science or criminology or psychology go on to become professional criminologists after completing their masters degree in criminology. Some of the colleges offer an M.Sc while others offer an M.A. in criminology. Criminologists study the kinds of sanctions or incentives that can best protect the environment and the relationship between ideology and power in the making, enforcing, and breaking of laws. Criminology programs combine principles of sociology, law and psychology to prepare students to deal with criminals, understand the justice system and work to prevent crime. There is a basic difference […]

10 Best Colleges of India Offering Masters Degree in Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of a person’s mind and behavior. There is a high demand of psychology experts in today’s era and therefore, most of the colleges has started offering masters degree in psychology. By studying for a Master’s degree in Psychology you will learn about human behavior and experience and the influence society and culture have on a person. You will have the answer to most of the questions which normally we do not find. It is an adventure to be a psychologist as you discover or research different people based on their behavior in different situations. Many graduates in psychology go on to become professional psychologists, however, for detail and experience, many of the students prefer to complete the masters degree in psychology. Some of the colleges offer an M.Sc while others offer an M.A. in psychology. There is a basic difference between M.Sc & M.A. in psychology […]

Minerva Mills vs Union of India | Case That Evolved Basic Structure Doctrine

Minerva Mills case judgment is a landmark judgment of the supreme court on the basic structure doctrine. In this case, the supreme court explained the basic structure and evolved it.  Court also held that “The edifice of our constitution is built upon the concept crystallized in the preamble.” In this case, the supreme court held that the power limit to amend the Constitution is a fundamental feature of the Indian Constitution. Court further said the balance and harmony between the fundamental right and directive principles is an essential feature of the basic structure of the Constitution. On August 20, 1970, the central government appointed the committee under the industries development and regulation act 1951 to report the company and submit the report. The said committee submitted the said report in January 1971. Based on the said report, the government passed the order to take management of the Minerva mills. The […]

Top 6 Digital Forensic Books for Students of Cyber Forensics

Digital Forensics is a growing field in India and has an ever-increasing demand in the market due to the ever-increasing crime rate in the country. To become a Digital forensic expert, one must learn the basics of Computers from these 6 digital forensic books which share an ample amount of knowledge for beginners and students of Cyber forensics. In this modern world, everyone is using the internet due to which the rate of cybercrime has surged in the last decade or so which has meant the demand for cyber experts to prevent them. Therefore, it is important for aspiring candidates to learn Digital forensics from the scratch. The purpose of this article is to list down 6 digital forensic books for the students who wish to stand their careers in this field. The digital forensic books listed down gives you a brief idea as to how forensic experts integrate with […]