Top 10 Murder Mysteries Where Forensics Actually Helped Solve Crimes

Murder mysteries are difficult to solve yet never impossible, it depends on the will of the investigation department as to how badly they want justice for the victim. There are 100’s Forensics is an integral part of the law as they analyze evidence to bring out the truth in front of the world. A suspect may or may not confess about his crimes in court, Forensics always show the bitter truth of the case. Police receive distinct cases per day. Some of those are Open and shut cases while some take a turn into mysteries. Forensic always come in handy to the court as well as the police department to help catch the criminal. Centuries have passed since Forensic science was used for the first time to solve the case and since then, advancements in this field has been enormous making it easy to catch up with the sharp-minded serial […]

Wireshark: A Network Forensic Tool

Everything nowadays is connected to many things through different modes and the internet remains the primary mode of connection, and when something is connected to the internet or any network for that matter there is always a mutual exchange of data. You can send anything to anyone over the internet for example – email, picture, text, etc. Even though these data is accessed as a whole at both the source and the destination but this data is not sent across the internet as a whole, these are sent separately as different characters or as small packages known as packets, these packets when received at the destination is reassembled in the form of your originally intended message and because there would exchange of a large number of packets via the network there would resulting traffic and this is known as Network Traffic. This network traffic analysis would give us a number […]

Brute Force Attack and Its Affects on Financial Industry

A brute force attack is a cryptographic method that relies on the hit and trial method owner aimed password until the password is discovered. It is mainly used to obtain personal information such as passwords, passphrases, usernames, and personal identification numbers and use a script, hacking apps or the same kind of methods to pull out the string of continuous attempts to get the information required. This method is time-consuming, difficult to perform if methods such as data obfuscation are used at a time downright impossible. It will be more difficult with the longer password because more combinations will be required to test but it will be easier to discover the password when it is weak. It is a very old method used by hackers but it’s still effective and popular. Goals of hackers from brute force attack Collecting activity data or profiling from ads Stealing personal data and valuables […]

Abortion law in India & Amendments | Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971

Abortion is a term used to define the death of an unborn child in the womb voluntarily by the mother within 24 weeks of pregnancy using medicine or surgical procedure. Often sometimes we mistake it with the term “miscarriage”. However, both these terms are different. Miscarriage is a naturally occurring event where a child dies inside the womb due to the non-development of the fetus. Miscarriage is also known as Spontaneous Abortion. In this modern era, it has become legal in many countries. In the 1960s only 15 countries had legalized them while India made it legal in 1971. Abortion is still criminalized in India to some extent, and to control such activities, a law was formed. Abortion law in INDIA Before 1971, it was criminalized under section 312 of the Indian Penal Code and described it as ‘intentionally causing miscarriage’ except in the cases where the life of the […]

Types and Procedure of Abortion in Terms of Safety

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy by removing the fetus from the woman’s body before it reaches the stage of viability (when a fetus becomes independent to live within 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy). The term Abortion has been up for debate in society for decades. The laws adopted for termination of pregnancy in India has also left some loopholes for women and has been criticized constantly by Feminists. Abortion is legal as well as criminalized in India, and all the clauses for its criminalization have been defined in the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act, 1971. The word “Abortion” has not been used in the MTP act rather it is used as medical termination of pregnancy to ensure that these laws in the country aren’t framed as granting women a choice or a right to undergo safe procedures, but as procedures to protect doctors against prosecution for conducting […]